We've known about the specter of censorship as long as we've been talking about The Red Pill. Censorship and forbidden knowledge go hand-in-hand. Knowledge cannot be forbidden without at least the threat of soft-censorship- the idea that sharing these unspeakable truths would end you in financial and social ruin. But hard censorship, deleting words off pages and outlawing words and contexts, this was always on the horizon and something we knew was a long time coming.

That's why over half a decade ago we invested in an off-site platform that would not only archive the best of TRP but also provide a life raft and meeting place for members to continue to connect, to maintain connections, and to communicate freely, despite what every other platform tries to do.

Reddit was never going to be able to be a forever home for us. And this reality is becoming more clear by the day. After multiple mods were banned on askTRP, we made the hard decision to lock the forum and move it to https://www.forums.red/i/asktrp. We got some pushback when we did that, but the truth is, there’s more to the red pill than simply where we live and what app you use. My biggest priority during my time here was to prevent border erosion and protect the discussion. And this simply cannot continue happening on Reddit.

It started as something simple- a request. Don’t use the F word. Don’t use the R word. You can say what you’re saying but tone down the language. We implement rules for this. Then it becomes: You can’t have a frank discussion about difficulties of dating within certain cultures or ethnicities. Eventually, it became: You can’t have that specific sexual preference; you’re not allowed to prefer women without dicks or even differentiate between them. You can’t have that opinion; you’re not allowed to think that way. Eventually, you’re really only allowed to say specific things, and here’s the list.

This is no way to preserve a discussion. This is no way to communicate. And this is no way to become a man who does and gets what he pleases. This is the road, paved with small concessions, to surrender all ground to the feminine imperative and cede the red pill in favor of the new, improved purple pill that takes blue pill feminism, gaslights you into thinking we’ve always known that about sexual dynamics, and can’t you just improve yourself without all those darn wrong opinions and misogyny?

And there it is. They recognized they couldn’t destroy TRP by simply removing it or banning it. So they decided to invade a male space, change it from the inside while slowly changing the rules and delivering it a thousand cuts to finally finish it off.

From a post I made 6 years ago, The Viability of the Red Pill in the Future - Border Erosion:

Every day, our mod team removes at least two or three such fellows who arrive with well meaning but misdirected attempts to tone down the misogyny here so that we can still discuss the good parts of TRP without all that hatred! "TRP is really just about self improvement, afterall," they would say.

And it certainly sounds nice to think that. Yeah, we are here to get better, aren't we?

But serving the feminine imperative is exactly what that does. What is the word "improvement" without a goal to work towards? If we are making ourselves better, then to whose standard of better are we striving? If we accept the notion of dropping misogyny (or the apparent misogyny, as it were) and focusing only on politically correct advice such as working out and eating right, then we have done a great service to the feminine imperative. We have curtailed our own goals to serve the feminine. We have changed ourselves to benefit others. That sort of self-improvement is acceptable to our politically correct overlords. It seems so easy to adopt it and move on, that almost every single male organization did so without realizing the consequences, and are now shells of their former selves.

Being able to be unabashedly male and use whatever language to discuss whatever ideas we deem appropriate is not only beneficial to a male community- it is a requirement. It is the heart and spirit of TRP… And today, it is under attack like never before.

As of now, we have lost half a dozen or more mods, and hundreds of subscribers to Reddit’s anti-evil operations. As of this morning, /u/Whisper has finally gotten the ax. (Reach out to him on his verified trp.red account). We are no longer in editorial control of this subreddit. We do not control the message, we are not allowed to provide you the freedom to control your own message, we do not have any room to play. This subreddit is completely compromised by the admin who have been clamoring to destroy us since the beginning. Not with better, more persuasive ideas, but instead by attempting to corrupt and destroy us.

But the joke is on them. They cannot destroy these ideas. They can’t change TRP. They cannot stop the train that’s already left the station. The Red Pill is in the wild. Billionaires have used the phrase. We’re on television. We’re in your politician’s speeches. An entire generation now uses the phrase “red pilling” to indicate WAKING UP.

And we have https://trp.red and https://forums.red/i/theredpill to continue the conversation without being hindered by the authoritarians and bloopies who wish to see our ideas fail. It never once occurred to them that all they had to do was come up with a better idea and ours would simply fail.

We’re not alone with this encroaching censorship. FDS finally jumped ship (and even if I think they’re morons, they deserve to be able to speak). Incels were banned. MGTOW canned. Where All the Good Men Are got temporarily banned, but they know what’s coming for them. In fact, they’re so convinced that they’ve moved their (hilarious and fun) operations to https://www.forums.red/i/whereareallthegoodmen and https://www.forums.red/i/whereallthegoodmenare.

Our time is nearing an end on reddit. This message is for those who come [To Reddit] after we are no longer able to get the message out. Reddit is dead. We will no longer be able to maintain a proper conversation [On Reddit] . As a means of keeping the door open we will not be locking the Reddit Forums as of yet, but we keep them open with the following warning:


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