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URL: TheRedPill
Location: USA
Expertise: Brogrammero
Age: 28-34
Max Bench: Entire Bench

Relationship Philosophy:

I enjoy LTRs and spinning plates


I am the head mod of trp and the dev of

"Open your eyes"
Age: 28-34 | Location: USA | Brogrammero
redpillschool 7 months ago

  I'm going to announce all the new features in a post tomorrow, but if you're here tonight, you'll probably notice there have been some changes. Feel free to explore. Short list of changes:

  • User Podcasts (record your own)
  • Pinning statuses (to profile and follow page)
  • Topic discussion in Podcasts
G_Petronius about a week ago

@redpillschool did you know there's a community to "recover" from TRP? check it out:

redpillschool about a week ago

@blue_dover They're all hoes deep down inside.

redpillschool about a week ago

@disarli Thanks for the heads up I'll fix that.

disarli about a week ago

@redpillschool Looks like the "all latest" podcast feed is crashing, leaves a PHP out of memory error as last line:

redpillschool about a week ago

@blue_dover I've got some responsive ideas for new changes coming up that work well on ios and android without an app.

redpillschool about a week ago

@illacertus It's good work, you should be proud.

blue_dover about a week ago

@redpillschool ios app in the works?

RedRum about a week ago

@redpillschool looks at Islam. looks at Black Panthers. looks at La Raza.

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