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URL: TheRedPill
Location: USA
Expertise: Brogrammero
Age: 28-34
Max Bench: Entire Bench

Relationship Philosophy:

I enjoy LTRs and spinning plates


I am the head mod of trp and the dev of

"Open your eyes"
Age: 28-34 | Location: USA | Brogrammero
redpillschool 11 months ago

  I'm going to announce all the new features in a post tomorrow, but if you're here tonight, you'll probably notice there have been some changes. Feel free to explore. Short list of changes:

  • User Podcasts (record your own)
  • Pinning statuses (to profile and follow page)
  • Topic discussion in Podcasts
redpillschool 6 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS I double checked. You should see Pin Post, Delete, Stats, and Copy Permalink when you open the menu for your own statuses.

redpillschool 6 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS You should see a stats option for your own statuses. If not i'll look into it.

MentORPHEUS 6 hours ago

@redpillschool I only see pin post, report, and permalink in my menu.

redpillschool 9 hours ago

Don't forget, you can check stats by clicking the menu under your status, and clicking stats. You can see impressions, interactions and clicks if you embedded a link!

redpillschool 9 hours ago

I'm excited to announce that TRP.RED is on target for between 9 and 10 million page views for 2017.

redpillschool 11 hours ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Nothing good comes from feeding the trolls.

redpillschool 4 days ago

Hate speech = free speech.

redpillschool 4 days ago

Sen Maria Chappelle-Nadal says Trump should be assasinated, big mistake. Her defense? Look at all these people calling me nigger! I'm just a VICCCCTTTTIIIMMMMM! I don't believe for a second that the nation got taken over by racists. The messages she gets (if they aren't faked) are from trolls.

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