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419 - [TheRedPill] Shit test - wife suggested I go elsewhere for blowjobs

[-] redpillschool 486 Points about a year ago

Dude, she's already checked out. And not attracted to you.

It's time to initiate some dread. Get healthy, lift weights, approach others, and get your social life in high gear.

It's time to start moving on.

611 - [TheRedPill] What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

[-] redpillschool 474 Points about a year ago

I find it funny, because I've seen since the dawn of Facebook, so many girls just out of highschool, or on spring break, or in between college semesters all end up on tropical islands and in very expensive places.

Who was footing the bill?

In some cases, it was the boyfriend. In others it was dad. But the surprising truth nobody spoke about was that they were using part of their student loans / living expenses to travel the world and get some strange cock in their asses.

Facebook is a competition. Women win via status.

Why does it matter if they rack up debt? Some sucker will eventually pay.

537 - [TheRedPill] Alpha Takes Womanly Advice

[-] redpillschool 406 Points 2 years ago

Now that everybody knows he's a "fuck boy" his preselection is through the roof. Time to cash in on this, it won't last long.

Only good things can come from this kind of preselection. It may look bad now, but report back in a few weeks. Trust me on this one.

637 - [TheRedPill] Reddit is shutting itself down due to controversial firing

[-] redpillschool 392 Points 5 years ago

Since people have been pestering me for the official mod stance on this, here it is.

First of all, no we're not going dark. It's reddit politics/drama, and I don't really care to join them in the drama.

Secondly, if anybody on reddit cared about my gripes with the admin, I'll post them publicly so if somebody really wanted to fix what's wrong with reddit, they'd move away from the pretend issue that's happening, and push the admin on the real issue: censorship and mystery. Of course, their position on this is unlikely an accident, and I believe the grey area in which we operate is entirely on purpose to make it easy to dispose of communities they don't like if need be. (But yeah, if you wanted to solve the biggest threat to reddit, it's this)

It's well understood by our moderation team that we exist purely at the whim and mercy of the admin and that we must mind-read to understand what guidelines must be followed. There is no comprehensive rule book for mods- and more importantly, there's no set of rules to let us know how or what to follow to avoid being shut down like other subs.

The admin have had very little actual contact with us, beyond the random subreddit shut downs and dramas that take place here and there where we, as mods, have to decide what details to take from these events to apply to our own policy, lest we suffer the same consequences.

I have reached out more than once to the admin asking them about their opinion on certain policies or which rules we could follow to keep us in their good graces. I have never once received more than a few-word answer from them, which is usually along the lines of "just follow the reddit rules, it's that easy." Nothing could be more vague.

We're pretty sure there's an anti-brigading rule on reddit, but we've got no clue what it means, how it's applied, how we could possibly prevent it with our tools (we have little in the way of mod tools), and whether or not a user who happens to be a regular subscriber is considered "brigading" if they follow a link to get there.

If this reminded you of anything, like, say, how our ancestors used to try to read astronomical events and natural disasters to determine whether the gods above were angry with them... well, you'd be spot on. Because at the end of the day, no matter how careful we try to be, there isn't really a good rule set to know if we are even following the rules, let alone whether we're enforcing the right ones.

We take a conservative approach to modding, trying to mostly keep to ourselves and not stir the pot, and that seems to be doing the trick for now.

But if the rest of reddit really wanted to make a difference that would actually protect their interests, they would concentrate not on something stupid and small like IAMA mods having trouble doing their jobs, but instead something that threatens every single sub on the site: the creeping censorship that looms in the background, and the nebulous rule of Ellen Pao that threatens the very userbase as it stands today.

Most people don't consider it a problem because most subs are not controversial. We happen to be on the edge of acceptable which puts is in the cross hairs. But if any of these liberal idiots had even an ounce of smarts, they'd realize that when you nuke the fringe, you don't sanitize the site, you just make new fringes. Today we're in the cross-hairs, but it's anybody's guess what future admin find unpalatable when we're not around to draw the fire.

I'm sure Victoria was a nice girl, and this event may very well be the catalyst of change, but the admin will placate the masses soon enough with some small token gesture like re-hiring victoria, or a new mod tool, or a written explanation that doesn't tell much.

And no changes will be made that actually affect the disease that is eating reddit.

Mark my words.

512 - [TheRedPill] Study: Only 3% of Straight People Are Willing to Date a Transgender Person

[-] redpillschool 390 Points about a year ago

What the study should say:

3% of people who say they are straight are lying.

708 - [TheRedPill] The Unknowability of Beta Turd

[-] redpillschool 311 Points about a year ago

A woman's prime directive is to ascertain the consistency of a turd.

She will regularly poke and prod it, testing to see if it's moistened.

This is why it is known as a shit test.

Alright, close it up boys. We finished TRP.

1405 - [TheRedPill] If you weren't sure there's a war on men, check it out: "Hey, white guys: New Year's Resolutions" -MTV

[-] redpillschool 300 Points 3 years ago

Double whammy if you're white. Don't ignore the war on men, and the war on whites. Even though there's a significant portion of non-whites here on TRP, their tactic will be against both the same, for the same goals and control of narrative.

Edit: Mirror since MTV took it down:

462 - [TheRedPill] [25m] my girlfriend[24f] told me she had only slept with 3 guys, her best friend[24f] blurted out that they slept with a guy every city in Europe they visited

[-] redpillschool 293 Points about a year ago

An eye-opening moment for men. She made him pay full price (waiting and all) for the same thing she gave out free to random strangers on her trip abroad.

Sidenote: Every time a woman wants to take a road trip or travel abroad with her girlfriend(s), it's for strange dick. Especially if it's for spring break.

306 - [TheRedPill] The Red Pill Has Too Much Respect For Women

[-] redpillschool 288 Points 2 years ago

So wait? You think women are literally feces? No wonder you can't get laid.

545 - [TheRedPill] Bumble is launching a women-first networking tool that lets recruiters exclude men

[-] redpillschool 285 Points about a year ago

Rollo notes:

This is what a #genderwar looks like. We have now reached the stage where the Feminine Imperative is directly violating civil right unchallenged.

I believe we've gotten to the point socially where women's empowerment has conditioned them to believe they are entitled to be placed above the laws that should govern men by virtue of being female.

My opinion? Fight dirty. Time to start identifying as a woman and sue anybody who tells you that you're not or wants you to prove it.

176 - [TheRedPill] GF is getting fake boobies

[-] redpillschool 284 Points 3 years ago

Be careful. A chick looking to upgrade her looks during a LTR can mean she wants to attract somebody who isn't you. Who is she advertising to?

337 - [AskTRP] Well apparently the worlds largest cuckold checking in.

[-] redpillschool 282 Points 4 years ago

TRP Mod here. Please PM me any usernames and the body of the messages you were sent and I'll be happy to take moderator action. Anybody contacting you, especially harassment, is strictly against our rules and they will be dealt with.

410 - [TheRedPill] I had my Professional Profile doxed by SJWs; words of caution to my fellow Red Pillers.

[-] redpillschool 276 Points 4 years ago

As always, make sure you're using a throwaway on TRP, and for fuck's sake don't talk red pill on your facebook.

970 - [TheRedPill] The Guardian: Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny

[-] redpillschool 261 Points 4 years ago

that love is infinitely more powerful and real than any marketplace, sexual or otherwise.

It's such a comfortable idea, to think that there's a powerful force in this universe that defies the laws of physics and economics.

A comfortable lie.

1095 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from VICE

[-] redpillschool 251 Points 2 years ago

I find the notion of people being here "because they're outcasts who always had trouble with women" to be laughable.

I think a lot of people here have a different problem with women than most think. Many here have had girlfriends, wives, or got laid. The problem was that their lives crumbled because the women in their lives didn't follow the rules that they thought society follows.

Many are here just to learn what the real rules of the game are so they have a fighting chance.

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