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611 - [TheRedPill] What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

[-] redpillschool 474 Points 4 months ago

I find it funny, because I've seen since the dawn of Facebook, so many girls just out of highschool, or on spring break, or in between college semesters all end up on tropical islands and in very expensive places.

Who was footing the bill?

In some cases, it was the boyfriend. In others it was dad. But the surprising truth nobody spoke about was that they were using part of their student loans / living expenses to travel the world and get some strange cock in their asses.

Facebook is a competition. Women win via status.

Why does it matter if they rack up debt? Some sucker will eventually pay.

637 - [TheRedPill] Reddit is shutting itself down due to controversial firing

[-] redpillschool 392 Points 3 years ago

Since people have been pestering me for the official mod stance on this, here it is.

First of all, no we're not going dark. It's reddit politics/drama, and I don't really care to join them in the drama.

Secondly, if anybody on reddit cared about my gripes with the admin, I'll post them publicly so if somebody really wanted to fix what's wrong with reddit, they'd move away from the pretend issue that's happening, and push the admin on the real issue: censorship and mystery. Of course, their position on this is unlikely an accident, and I believe the grey area in which we operate is entirely on purpose to make it easy to dispose of communities they don't like if need be. (But yeah, if you wanted to solve the biggest threat to reddit, it's this)

It's well understood by our moderation team that we exist purely at the whim and mercy of the admin and that we must mind-read to understand what guidelines must be followed. There is no comprehensive rule book for mods- and more importantly, there's no set of rules to let us know how or what to follow to avoid being shut down like other subs.

The admin have had very little actual contact with us, beyond the random subreddit shut downs and dramas that take place here and there where we, as mods, have to decide what details to take from these events to apply to our own policy, lest we suffer the same consequences.

I have reached out more than once to the admin asking them about their opinion on certain policies or which rules we could follow to keep us in their good graces. I have never once received more than a few-word answer from them, which is usually along the lines of "just follow the reddit rules, it's that easy." Nothing could be more vague.

We're pretty sure there's an anti-brigading rule on reddit, but we've got no clue what it means, how it's applied, how we could possibly prevent it with our tools (we have little in the way of mod tools), and whether or not a user who happens to be a regular subscriber is considered "brigading" if they follow a link to get there.

If this reminded you of anything, like, say, how our ancestors used to try to read astronomical events and natural disasters to determine whether the gods above were angry with them... well, you'd be spot on. Because at the end of the day, no matter how careful we try to be, there isn't really a good rule set to know if we are even following the rules, let alone whether we're enforcing the right ones.

We take a conservative approach to modding, trying to mostly keep to ourselves and not stir the pot, and that seems to be doing the trick for now.

But if the rest of reddit really wanted to make a difference that would actually protect their interests, they would concentrate not on something stupid and small like IAMA mods having trouble doing their jobs, but instead something that threatens every single sub on the site: the creeping censorship that looms in the background, and the nebulous rule of Ellen Pao that threatens the very userbase as it stands today.

Most people don't consider it a problem because most subs are not controversial. We happen to be on the edge of acceptable which puts is in the cross hairs. But if any of these liberal idiots had even an ounce of smarts, they'd realize that when you nuke the fringe, you don't sanitize the site, you just make new fringes. Today we're in the cross-hairs, but it's anybody's guess what future admin find unpalatable when we're not around to draw the fire.

I'm sure Victoria was a nice girl, and this event may very well be the catalyst of change, but the admin will placate the masses soon enough with some small token gesture like re-hiring victoria, or a new mod tool, or a written explanation that doesn't tell much.

And no changes will be made that actually affect the disease that is eating reddit.

Mark my words.

1405 - [TheRedPill] If you weren't sure there's a war on men, check it out: "Hey, white guys: New Year's Resolutions" -MTV

[-] redpillschool 300 Points about a year ago

Double whammy if you're white. Don't ignore the war on men, and the war on whites. Even though there's a significant portion of non-whites here on TRP, their tactic will be against both the same, for the same goals and control of narrative.

Edit: Mirror since MTV took it down:

337 - [AskTRP] Well apparently the worlds largest cuckold checking in.

[-] redpillschool 282 Points 3 years ago

TRP Mod here. Please PM me any usernames and the body of the messages you were sent and I'll be happy to take moderator action. Anybody contacting you, especially harassment, is strictly against our rules and they will be dealt with.

970 - [TheRedPill] The Guardian: Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny

[-] redpillschool 261 Points 2 years ago

that love is infinitely more powerful and real than any marketplace, sexual or otherwise.

It's such a comfortable idea, to think that there's a powerful force in this universe that defies the laws of physics and economics.

A comfortable lie.

1095 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from VICE

[-] redpillschool 251 Points about a year ago

I find the notion of people being here "because they're outcasts who always had trouble with women" to be laughable.

I think a lot of people here have a different problem with women than most think. Many here have had girlfriends, wives, or got laid. The problem was that their lives crumbled because the women in their lives didn't follow the rules that they thought society follows.

Many are here just to learn what the real rules of the game are so they have a fighting chance.

565 - [TheRedPill] Coontown banned in new ambiguous Reddit policy for "existing solely to annoy other redditors."

[-] redpillschool 242 Points 3 years ago

I've said it before but I'll repeat it here before people go off the deep end with speculation:

We have backup forums ready to go that the team has been working on tirelessly to make sure we were ready, complete with archives. There's no need to jump ship right now, so we're not, but rest assured we have a place for us if we need to.

Announcements will be on

912 - [TheRedPill] The culmination of the pro-women movements and their unabashed abandonment of logic and reason is that their narrative can now be publicly misandric and any critical opposition is simply ignored as they march forward. Everything leading up to this has created the Hollywood sex scandal fever.

[-] redpillschool 230 Points 11 months ago

Make note - if this narrative takes hold, that events taking place are properly disclosed and contracts reviewed and signed do not indicate consent and that abuse or rape took place, then they will have completed the circle of dissolving the meaning of consent altogether.

No means no has turned into sometimes yes means yes. Men need to be careful. Now having a fully outlined contract just isn't enough.

It doesn't matter that something like this may not ever make it to a court of law. In the court of public opinion, facts have never mattered anyhow.

One might consider, in Franco's position, looking at the means and outcomes of this overzealous social justice ideology. He wore the "time's up" pin to show his solidarity with a movement that regards men as evil, white men as satan, facts and reason as disposable, and proof as unnecessary. And here he is, being hoisted by his own petard. Ironic these #male #allies don't realize it's the least safe position to take.

373 - [TheRedPill] [Mod] They're talking about us again... and we don't care.... quick guidelines.

[-] redpillschool 220 Points 4 years ago

I don't care what people do outside the sub.

1714 - [TheRedPill] The red pill are a bunch of bigots who can't get laid.

[-] redpillschool 217 Points 3 years ago

They don't hate us for our views, they hate us for their lack of power over us. They've become so entrenched in their narcissism that the notion of using effort and offering value beyond their pussy is heresy itself.

I wish TRP bot was working because that's a great point. ♂

589 - [TheRedPill] Take a Break From the Pill

[-] redpillschool 190 Points 2 years ago

Hey, this is bad for business. Stop trying to send away my subscribers!

But in all seriousness, you really need to get in the field and take a break for perspective. Then come back and reread the sidebar and see how your new perspective sheds light on what you know.

Obviously doing too much of anything will burn you out eventually.

Stay in touch with the community itself though, it's a good network of guys, even if the raw theory itself becomes a little repetitive. There are some really cool guys on the IRC and on

5504 - [TheRedPill] Google Fires Ph.D Biologist/Engineer For Claiming -- "On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways. "

[-] redpillschool 189 Points about a year ago

I've never seen this many reports on a single post. I'm astounded. Our fake-report rate is actually pretty low, I had assumed trolls gave up on us because our crackerjack mod team is so quick, but it looks like somebody has an agenda today:

user reports:

4: <no reason>

2: Spam

1: inaccurate and misleading title

1: redpill

1: You all really need to get laid. Shame you are all so socially inept.

1: no they didn't you fucking retards

1: no, he was fired for being sexist

1: You guys are insane

1: No moralizing

1: Lol that's not why he was fired you mouthbreathing neanderthals

1: It's targeted harassment at someone else

1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive

1: Threatens, harrasses, or bullies

1: Threatens, harasses, or bullies

759 - [TheRedPill] The Red Pill Right

[-] redpillschool 182 Points about a year ago

I wanted to make sure we did not veer off course here on /r/theredpill. So, I'm glad we've dedicated a different sub to it. We've been removing a lot of political posts recently, and I think this proves that there's demand for the discussion.

1038 - [TheRedPill] The Red Pill App

[-] redpillschool 182 Points about a year ago

Communication and the exchange of ideas is the basis for all power, which is why we can no longer afford to allow Aids Skrillex and Trigglypuff to rifle through your personal messages.

This is an understatement. Communication is the prerequisite for all power building. There have been very sensitive events over the past few years that have required coordination among the red pill mod team, and nothing has made this reality more clear to me than realizing we actually don't have a freedom to coordinate when the enemy is the one facilitating the conversation. We have had to take our mod conversations off-site for this reason.

Whether you think TRP is serious business or just a geeky web forum, it should still be obvious to everybody who plans to succeed in life to have a plan and platform for communicating effectively and privately.

I've had members contact me worried about potential doxxing, but they were unable to effectively communicate with me because the sensitive information involved would expose them to reddit admin. In the past I've had to direct people to off-site PMing, but ensuring credentials never crossed paths with insecure channels has been a bit of a nightmare.

I believe that building tools like this is important to laying a foundation for future success. If you are so inclined to join our efforts, thank you. If not, I recommend you begin your own efforts, and use the Building Power flair to see it through.

1731 - [TheRedPill] Men are not happy

[-] redpillschool 181 Points 4 years ago

Well you've got an interesting effect happening- people take offense to certain things. They see us recommending alpha behaviors as trying to enforce gender roles- which it isn't. It's us saying "hey we found this works better, give it a try.." not "we need more people to do this, let's force this new behavior on unsuspecting people.."

Or when we criticize a woman's sexual strategy (she was a slut in her 20s and now can't find a man), they think that we're over here hating women for having sex, but what we're really doing is pointing out that her strategy was bad if her desire was a long-term partner.

Then they think we're bad for not wanting to date a slut, more hatred, but the reality is, we're only 55,000 people, but that slut who is now husband hunting is realizing that it's not just red pillers, but attractive men in general who aren't that interested in used up goods. Whether we're here to notice it or not is irrelevant, this effect happens.

So people take offense to these observations we make, because they believe we're doing what they do, which is try to change the world to their own ideals.. instead of what we actually do, which is recognize the world and adapt to it.

Even with this point I'm trying to make, the direct response of any postmodern blue piller is "What do you mean 'used up goods?'" Vaginas don't just go bad from having sex. You guys are so misogynistic!" They are so hellbent on getting offended that they don't understand the words we use are to convey an idea- not prove it. Of course you're not actually used up. The point is men prefer non-sluts. No, blue pillers will get so caught up on the language they'll miss the forest for the trees every time.

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