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Age: Late 40s | Location: Los Angeles
MentORPHEUS 10 hours ago

@Pentalobe Sometimes you have to release some excess emotion, but men cannot wallow in this state. Afterward go out and take positive action in the world and build some successes. Any action and any success will do at first, you build on these to become efficient at getting more of what you want for less effort in all your endeavors.

Pentalobe about a day ago

@MentORPHEUS Been bawling my eyes out to my bro these last days(I'm very in-tune with my emotions, for better or worse). Started out purplepill("I'm me, but can/will accomodate you", if that is correct). but somewhere slipped into bluepill-oneitis-mode. The equivalent of spring break is coming up soon...

Noblefiz 2 days ago

@MentORPHEUS that's the tricky balance I'm trying to maintain: to enjoy love while it lasts without getting too caught up in it. Always appreciate your advice.

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@Noblefiz You can't ever take another's love for you for granted. Remember, whenever a woman expresses an emotion to you, add in your mind "Right Now." Enjoy love while it happens, know that it can end, but also know that it can also be kindled between you and millions of the 3.5b women on earth. Abundance > Oneitis

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@Noblefiz Watch what they do, not what they say. reads Hartiste article Yeah I reduced to near zero, saying ILY 25 years ago after having it weaponized against me more than once. Sooner or later they always pleadingly ask why. My response is always, "Well, do you feel loved?" They can always answer unequivocally, "Yes!"

Noblefiz 2 days ago

@MentORPHEUS how do you differentiate between if a woman really loves you or if she's just saying it as a weapon a la heartiste

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@Noblefiz This is the lot of men- nobody will ever love us the way Mother did. The average man before ~25 is at a disadvantage in the SMP. Improve and learn RP truths and the script flips, all your women wish YOU loved THEM the way THEY want, and work to qualify themselves to you.

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@NotGoingAway I remember crying like a bitch at 22 when I found out my first GF was getting married and I was in an extended Nice Guy dry spell. Hurts bad the first time but look at the road ahead of you. At 25 you are really hitting your stride as an adult and the next 25 years should be a fun ride of abundance and amused mastery.

MentORPHEUS 2 days ago

@Pentalobe Pain upon loss is part of the human condition. Don't suppress this natural reaction, instead in the future don't set up relationships on a blue pill oneitis basis. Get some dating successes under your belt and the pain of this ended relationship will settle into a better perspective.

Pentalobe 2 days ago

@MentORPHEUS I suspect as much, and I hope you're right about that, cause it sure doesn't feel like that.

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