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1485 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from CNN

[-] MentORPHEUS 420 Points 2 years ago

The reason I embraced TRP praxeology is its accuracy at explaining events in my life up until now, and its predictive value moving forward in time.

TL;DR it works.

785 - [TheRedPill] Guy Turns 6 Figure Down Job at Google for Girlfriend, She Dumps Him Anyway

[-] MentORPHEUS 384 Points 4 years ago

What fool lets a 19yo woman make long-term decisions for him?

His error was not having a clear mission in his life, and prioritizing everything else in his life accordingly. Men and women under 25 and not financially established shouldn't be thinking of marriage. An opportunity at Google is mission critical to a man his age, a particular 19yo girlfriend is not.

628 - [TheRedPill] The Dear Mother of My Child

[-] MentORPHEUS 271 Points 5 years ago

Wow, bullet dodged, and great write-up for those still pedestalizing women. I remember the young days of disbelieving that any woman would do that ever, except for a few obviously crazy outliers.

251 - [TheRedPill] From Dear Abby - 21 year old, twice married cheats on "every girl's dream man".

[-] MentORPHEUS 261 Points 4 years ago

Any woman whose identity includes the notion that someone must be capable of handling her is not LTR material.

As if difficult, antisocial, bond-challenging behavior is a positive attribute.

733 - [TheRedPill] For newbies: If you feel the need to ask for sex, it's time to break up.

[-] MentORPHEUS 223 Points 3 years ago

Excellent post. I remember the girlfriend 30 years ago who went, "Mmm-mmm!" like stopping a naughty misbehaving child when I reached out to touch her in bed one night. Initiating the breakup sequence would have saved me another year of trying to fix that unfixable mess of a relationship.

Mind you, in a LTR there will be times when she legitimately doesn't want PIV sex at a given moment because reasons. In a healthy relationship, she'll offer alternatives and/or conspicuously make up for it soon.

It's kind of the same principle as when someone must cancel a date; healthy, bona-fide underlying reasons for cancelling will come with a definite reschedule rather than an open-ended denial.

0 - [TheRedPill] 1st time at the bars and already ran into trouble

[-] MentORPHEUS 184 Points 2 years ago

At one point, he's holding out this peppermint candy to her, asking, "You want it?" My girl says: "Feed it to me." While looking him dead in the eyes. There was no mistake: it was seductive af. I also noticed she was lightly running her fingertips up his stomach/torso.

Immediate downgrade to plate status, never to return.

At this point, I grab her HARD by the forearm, yank her over to the side, and say, "Do NOT fucking disrespect me like that. Ever."

Mate guarding; never a good thing and in this case you nearly got your ass beaten. No observer knows or cares what the woman did to provoke it.

Best option would be to walk away and leave the venue, then refuse to speak to her for days if at all.

349 - [TheRedPill] "That's not the point"

[-] MentORPHEUS 177 Points 4 years ago

This is really great!

According to the principles of Verbal Judo, her response:

Her: “No I can’t make it because of Z”

presupposes that the discussion is exclusively about her schedule; and by responding to the wrong presupposition, you have entered her frame and abandoned your own in the process.

The response,

You: [level of amused mastery] “You know that’s not the point”.

contains presuppositions of its own, including,

  • I see what you did there
  • I'm not playing your game
  • I'm not a weak beta who you can push around. In fact, Ill call you right out on your bullshit.
  • Now, get back on topic and discuss our date.
  • We are, in fact, going on a date; this is already mutually implicitly or explicitly agreed upon, coyness and games aside.

This response is a cluster bomb of presuppositions, and rhetorically steers the other party to respond on your terms, rather than their own.

Tl;dr: Pressure flip for the win!

108 - [TheRedPill] How to inject some alpha energy into your relationship immediately.

[-] MentORPHEUS 170 Points 5 years ago

In a LTR, your partner is likely to notice changes in your behavior patterns far more subtle than this. What you're prescribing is something of a shock treatment, probably useful in the aftermath of her doing something crappy to you.

In a smooth running relationship, invoking several changes like this at once is likely to put her on the defensive, start trouble where there was none, and place a significant burden upon you to maintain this new frame like you've flipped a switch. My own personal style would be to make changes more subtly, and make sure the positives of this unexpected new you are apparent to her.

It reads as though you're displeased with yourself for being too beta in the past, but kind of punishing her for it.

How has this worked out over time for you in your LTR?

296 - [TheRedPill] Observation: The Most Damaged Girls are the 6s and 7s

[-] MentORPHEUS 160 Points 3 years ago

The 9s and 10s have a different problem: Because they easily attract male attention without effort, many fail to develop their relationship skills, so they find themselves North of 30 with declining looks and prospects, plus an insufferably immature personality. Women in the 5-7 range are much more likely to have worked through a couple of LTRs by the same age and have a much more realistic and developed mindset.

A much bigger factor of whether a woman hops on the Cock Carousel and becomes damaged is whether she had a good father figure growing up, and accordingly developed a healthy self-esteem. Mentally healthy women across the SMV scale can maintain a healthy relationship with a man. It's the ones trying to fill an empty place in their psyche that become wanton sluts regardless of their place on the SMV scale; it's damaged goods all the way down.

738 - [TheRedPill] Continue improving yourself but let go of the idea that the hot girls who passed you up are going to suffer.

[-] MentORPHEUS 158 Points 5 years ago

This probably won't be a popular post, but it needed to be said so thanks.

I'm in my 40s, and roll my eyes at all the 20-somethings going on about how all women expire like a gallon of milk at age 30, but no big deal because they'll be spinning 18-24 year old plates till the end of time.

Stick with the self-improvement, limit criticism of others to the constructive type, and expect your worldview to evolve enough that your older self will cringe at certain aspects of your younger self, especially the false bravado.

295 - [TheRedPill] Kicked plate out of my car

[-] MentORPHEUS 153 Points 3 years ago

Slightly better than allowing yourself to be walked over, but your reaction sounds like gross overkill and suggests chinks in the armor of your frame. Only try to kick a woman out or call the cops if she becomes physically violent. You'll find out in those cases she won't voluntarily exit anyhow.

"I'll just drop you off at your house." would probably have sufficed. Let her apologize her way back later and keep the plate spinning on your terms.

The scenario you didn't consider: you're now Chad Thundercock dropping your plate off in front of her Beta Orbiter, making him churn with jealousy!

I remember the first time I was unexpectedly Chad. I arrived early to find a Beta Orbiter still visiting my plate. He was demure and friendly, and left apologetically posthaste. I noticed he literally trembled in my presence. I said nothing to the plate, didn't even raise an eyebrow. She acted grateful to be with me afterward. At the time I was a bit surprised by the whole thing, but it left me not upset but slightly bemused. This one went on to be my favorite plate on and off for over a decade. Sometimes you can patch the bridge instead of burning it.

Internalize Abundance and "I am the price" mentality and you can end things, or better yet use events like this to steer them the direction you prefer, without all the angst and (woman-like) melodrama.

60 - [TheRedPill] If you had to boil it down to 4-5 "Golden TRP Truths" that are the most important, to crash-course someone, what would they be?

[-] MentORPHEUS 153 Points 4 years ago
  1. Don't expect to understand complex topics through buzzfeed-style lists and shortcuts. Becoming a fully self-actualized man is a lifelong project.

875 - [TheRedPill] Is MeToo turning into NotYou at small companies?

[-] MentORPHEUS 146 Points 2 years ago

Happened to me when I hired the daughter of a family friend who I had known since she was a toddler. She claimed to want to go into my industry, and I made it my mission to fast track her into a position with a lucrative and portable skillset.

After way more than a month of intensive mentoring, she announced that she was pregnant, quitting, never cared about the job, just worked long enough to qualify for public assistance, and planned the whole thing all along.

Her extended family, my friends of over 15 years, knew all along too, thought nothing of it, and didn't understand why I would cut contact with the lot of them in the aftermath.

It was a harsh lesson that there is NO depth of connection that a woman won't exploit, fuck over, and discard when it suits her goals according to Briffault's Law.

1038 - [TheRedPill] The pre-fuck conversation is one big autism screening test

[-] MentORPHEUS 145 Points 3 years ago

Even at the plate/FWB level, I prefer ongoing or long term relationships. I used to babble on merrily about relationship intentions, thinking it was a necessary precursor to sex.

TRP helped me solidify the concepts that relationship talk is the woman's prerogative, and to STFU and just escalate.

Once I learned to leave initiating relationship talk to her, I was amazed how little emerged and how late in the process it came! (AFTER we've slept together many times in most cases.)

199 - [TheRedPill] What is life like for true RP men in their 40s?

[-] MentORPHEUS 144 Points 4 years ago

My friends are all getting married and tend to only hang out with other couples or married people

If people drop you, LET THOSE FUCKERS GO! Getting married to keep friends is one of the wrongest reasons. If you're on the type of career path where you'll never make partner if you're not married that might be different.

I'm in my late 40s, never married, have seen plenty of people go through it with regrets, and others that are happy that way. It's just the way I like things; I've never needed people to get through the day. I'm satisfied with having had many different partners in life, and at times I have several at the same time, which is like living many lifespans in one.

You are at the age where your female cohorts are hitting the wall and desperate to pair off; the pressure is on from every direction to get married now! However, as a man your SMV has yet to peak. My love life was just getting started at 30, and the 30s and 40s have been great. I would have missed out on a lot if I latched on to one woman.

Do what YOU want to do, not what others are pressuring you to.

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