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1485 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from CNN

[-] MentORPHEUS 420 Points about a year ago

The reason I embraced TRP praxeology is its accuracy at explaining events in my life up until now, and its predictive value moving forward in time.

TL;DR it works.

785 - [TheRedPill] Guy Turns 6 Figure Down Job at Google for Girlfriend, She Dumps Him Anyway

[-] MentORPHEUS 384 Points 3 years ago

What fool lets a 19yo woman make long-term decisions for him?

His error was not having a clear mission in his life, and prioritizing everything else in his life accordingly. Men and women under 25 and not financially established shouldn't be thinking of marriage. An opportunity at Google is mission critical to a man his age, a particular 19yo girlfriend is not.

628 - [TheRedPill] The Dear Mother of My Child

[-] MentORPHEUS 271 Points 3 years ago

Wow, bullet dodged, and great write-up for those still pedestalizing women. I remember the young days of disbelieving that any woman would do that ever, except for a few obviously crazy outliers.

733 - [TheRedPill] For newbies: If you feel the need to ask for sex, it's time to break up.

[-] MentORPHEUS 223 Points about a year ago

Excellent post. I remember the girlfriend 30 years ago who went, "Mmm-mmm!" like stopping a naughty misbehaving child when I reached out to touch her in bed one night. Initiating the breakup sequence would have saved me another year of trying to fix that unfixable mess of a relationship.

Mind you, in a LTR there will be times when she legitimately doesn't want PIV sex at a given moment because reasons. In a healthy relationship, she'll offer alternatives and/or conspicuously make up for it soon.

It's kind of the same principle as when someone must cancel a date; healthy, bona-fide underlying reasons for cancelling will come with a definite reschedule rather than an open-ended denial.

738 - [TheRedPill] Continue improving yourself but let go of the idea that the hot girls who passed you up are going to suffer.

[-] MentORPHEUS 158 Points 3 years ago

This probably won't be a popular post, but it needed to be said so thanks.

I'm in my 40s, and roll my eyes at all the 20-somethings going on about how all women expire like a gallon of milk at age 30, but no big deal because they'll be spinning 18-24 year old plates till the end of time.

Stick with the self-improvement, limit criticism of others to the constructive type, and expect your worldview to evolve enough that your older self will cringe at certain aspects of your younger self, especially the false bravado.

875 - [TheRedPill] Is MeToo turning into NotYou at small companies?

[-] MentORPHEUS 146 Points 6 months ago

Happened to me when I hired the daughter of a family friend who I had known since she was a toddler. She claimed to want to go into my industry, and I made it my mission to fast track her into a position with a lucrative and portable skillset.

After way more than a month of intensive mentoring, she announced that she was pregnant, quitting, never cared about the job, just worked long enough to qualify for public assistance, and planned the whole thing all along.

Her extended family, my friends of over 15 years, knew all along too, thought nothing of it, and didn't understand why I would cut contact with the lot of them in the aftermath.

It was a harsh lesson that there is NO depth of connection that a woman won't exploit, fuck over, and discard when it suits her goals according to Briffault's Law.

1038 - [TheRedPill] The pre-fuck conversation is one big autism screening test

[-] MentORPHEUS 145 Points 2 years ago

Even at the plate/FWB level, I prefer ongoing or long term relationships. I used to babble on merrily about relationship intentions, thinking it was a necessary precursor to sex.

TRP helped me solidify the concepts that relationship talk is the woman's prerogative, and to STFU and just escalate.

Once I learned to leave initiating relationship talk to her, I was amazed how little emerged and how late in the process it came! (AFTER we've slept together many times in most cases.)

662 - [TheRedPill] Don’t waste your time. When in doubt, force her to act or move on

[-] MentORPHEUS 134 Points 3 years ago

Force her to act. Make a move. Ask her out on a date. Go in for the kiss. She will have to reciprocate or reject you. You have generated clear action that is easy to interpret.

An important part of an advertisment is the call to action. Response to an advertisement goes way up if some type of call to action is included. The same goes for marketing yourself to the opposite sex. Women will be more than happy to let you orbit and provide validation and goodies in exchange for implied future gains that they have no intention to deliver upon.

In my experience, NOTHING was ever preserved or gained by waiting for some idealized "right moment." An inexperienced young man can easily get sucked into a LONG Schrodinger's Relationship, wherein he's afraid to "ruin it" by opening the box and seeing if the cat is alive or not. Lesson learned: Open the damn box already!

601 - [TheRedPill] 'We Need to Talk' and other ways of controlling the flow of information for power.

[-] MentORPHEUS 112 Points 3 years ago

"We need to talk" when run through Redpill Translate comes out as, "You need to LISTEN."

This is NOT to say that you should shut down the other party when they express a need to communicate- just be aware of timing and anticipation being used as underhanded power plays, in an attempt to undermine your frame.

In a LTR, a man should be owning his shit and preventing unspoken resentments and imbalances from building to an inflection point such as this. A bona-fide comfort test is just as surely failed by being too harsh and shutting it down permanently as it is by breaking frame and supplicating to her demands. The best control of such incidents is not in the moment they become a crisis, but by your good ongoing day to day stewardship and maintenance of the relationship.

For an expendable plate, or new relationship where she's testing your mettle, this type of power play is best stopped cold in its tracks. For longer-term relationships of consequence, good setup and maintenance of the relationship power structure makes such tests less likely to occur, and makes pivoting away from the attack and rebalancing much easier for both parties.

577 - [TheRedPill] Don't save her. She doesn't want to be saved.

[-] MentORPHEUS 104 Points 3 years ago

Totally agree and can confirm from my young blue pill mistakes. Nobody admires a Captain Save-A-Ho, especially the ho! I eventually grew out of it, and I can even tell you where their lives went 20-25 years later.

  • The cute blond I beta-orbited for a few years after high school, until I finally realized how stupidly one-sided it became and completely broke off what could have been a lifelong friendship if she hadn't gotten so greedy. Fat, hermit lifestyle, still with Chad Hipstercock who is even fatter and has serious health issues.

  • The cute broken flower who cried on my shoulder over her "asshole boyfriend who tells me he wants to fuck other women." Everyone thought I was heir-apparent to her love, but after a period of enjoying the fruits of my budding oneitis, jumped to a REALLY abusive, probable DT type. Chanced into her in the retirement village where it turned out both our Moms moved. Approaching 40, she didn't look a day under 65 from years of heavy drinking, pills, and abuse; I thought she was one of the residents till she recognized me!

  • The short dumpy hippie chick from our activist group; surely she'd be glad to have a summer romance with a better-looking "nice guy," right? No, but with TRP hindsight she'd gladly take two as beta orbiters while having ONSs with shitbirds of mathematically implausibly lower SMV than her. Then after pitting my friend against me, chooses him as a boyfriend, proceeds to be disinterested and boring in bed, breaks up with him for a drunk loser after 3 months, then leaves on a grand road trip to find herself. Friend discovers she gave him herpes, after exposing his next girlfriend to it too and infecting her; marriage and decadal misery ensue. Hippie girl calls years later out of the blue, still on her grand road trip, currently living in [city, state], and acts surprised when I say no I don't want her number and move to wrap up the conversation.

  • The sweet-and-sour girl whose dad was an alcoholic and whose mother died when she was a teen, who rather flopped into my life because she was being evicted from her shared apartment by "all her asshole ex-friends." So nice a partner at first I thought I might marry her one day; so broken she'd be unaccountably bitchy or jealous for an entire day or longer over nothing; finally kicked her to the curb. Years later her wedding invitation picture made the rounds; her and fiancee sitting on a huge rock in a beautiful forest setting; several feet apart, looking away in different directions and both frowning.

  • The woman living in a string of motels needing a fresh start after a "bad breakup." Grateful and happy for the first several months and sex was phenomenal, then she (re)started using meth, went full axis II psycho, took a restraining order and two trips to jail to keep her away in the end. Years later was on the County Sheriff website and entered her name into the inmate finder, she'd been arrested twice that year. She also lost all parental rights to her children.

Young men starting out on a Red Pill path, do NOT re-make these mistakes! There is no valor or validation to attempting it, so trust people when they tell you: She does NOT want to be saved!

Find a woman who is already pretty much going your way, under her own power, if you want a relationship and not a freaking soap opera. Edit: Format

526 - [TheRedPill] Women Want to be the Chosen Ones

[-] MentORPHEUS 104 Points 2 years ago

Excellent article!

All women want to be chosen. We sometimes conflate that with “being alpha”, but that is only part of the story. They want to be chosen by the alpha. Why?

My cynical self suggests this is because many women don't want the burden of thinking for themselves.

645 - [TheRedPill] How to date correctly

[-] MentORPHEUS 88 Points about a year ago

an LTR with you, eventually you will need to start showing a little bit of provider qualities.

It's well known that LTRs thrive smoothly on a healthy mix of leadership and provider traits. By staying on-point with shit tests, and recognizing and passing comfort tests, and most importantly not becoming complacent in his self-improvement and gaming his woman, it's totally possible to have a long-term happy relationship on Red Pill terms.

1096 - [TheRedPill] I animated some RedPill side-bar content. Hypergamy, Shit-Tests, AWALT.

[-] MentORPHEUS 88 Points 3 years ago

Instead of Ted Talks, OP has brought the world

Red Talks!

Good job, OP. Laid down some basic information at a pace that people completely new to it could absorb, yet still engaging to those more studied in TRP material.

927 - [TheRedPill] Scientific study show that male domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested, jailed, and not have the charges dropped than the person beating them

[-] MentORPHEUS 87 Points about a year ago

The institutionalized "Blame the man" DV response is a result of The Duluth Model being widely adopted by police and state legislators. It was based on flawed Feminist theory, positing that DV is always caused by men attempting to control women because of Patriarchy, and presumes that any violence by females is self-defense. The good news is that this model is being slowly upgraded and replaced.

I've had two relationships where the woman turned violent. Both times, they assumed they had an ironclad pussy pass and that would prevent me from even calling the police. Both times I used the legal system and prevailed, obtaining a 3-year protective order, criminal charges and probation for them, and in the latest case, monetary damages that she must pay or go to jail.

Planning a long article on Duluth and one on my DV experiences. Basically, maintain frame and don't be provoked into attacking her. Be sober, calm, rational, and obey the law and all procedures and processes to the letter. Collect evidence and witnesses. Lots of men have bad experiences with the police and courts; I'm here to tell you it's not hopeless and a man can prevail.

1690 - [TheRedPill] College student Nikki Yovino, 19, sentenced to 3 years for falsely claiming sexual encounter was rape

[-] MentORPHEUS 76 Points 4 months ago

her future wages can be garnished

Cynics will say that holding a judgement against someone without assets is worthless. It will still dog her in ways you might not expect. Any man who considers marrying her will have to reckon taking on this debt as his own as part of the bargain. Hopefully the reality of THAT consequence finds its way to young women before they make false accusations.

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