I’m writing this post because of something that happened to me today, but my reaction was driven by a date I had years ago.

So, years ago, I was on the first (and only) date with the girl who brought me to red pill.

We were walking along the river and there was this massive guy with a great physique lifting weights.

The girl turned her head to look at him, and she kept turning it and kept turning it. At first I felt so disrespected, but I figured that there was no way that this girl could disrespect me that much so I didn’t react and figured that she wasn’t checking the guy out.

But then after the date she rejected me and over time I realized that she probably was checking the guy out.

She also told me about three guy friends on that date, when she had never told me about guy friends before during the many hours I wasted talking on the phone with her.

After reflecting, I concluded that I should’ve just ended that date early and gone home the minute she checked that guy out. After all, there were many girls who were in much better shape than her (she was skinny but not toned or anything), that I did not look at because I respected her.

So this brings me to today. Today, I picked up a girl to go on a date. I usually don’t do public dates because all I really want is sex generally, but lately I’ve started going on public dates in order to maximize my options and branch away from low hanging fruit that will come straight over.

While driving, this girl was talking about dating in general and mentioned how she could get laid anytime and she mentioned that she has a FWB and that she wasn’t going to fuck anyone else who she isn’t dating seriously.

This seemed disrespectful to me, because I was spending time with this girl who is getting railed by another dude, and she was actually telling me about it. She was saying all of this stuff as we were pulling into the location of our date, so I told her that I was trying to fuck, in a way that suggested that that’s what I was expecting (not in a way that was asking her to fuck me or if she would fuck me).

She said she wasn’t going to so I calmly said we shouldn’t go on the date.

Now, I’ve talked to others in TRP community who say she was just shit testing me and that I failed and had bad frame.

This is entirely possible and it’s probably true that my frame isn’t the greatest.

However, the thought of spending time with a girl who I’ve never fucked, who is literally telling me that she’s not thinking about fucking but tells me she’s fucking someone else just disgusts me. It’s also disrespectful.

Now I’ve learned that this was a shit test and that next time I need to just ignore it.

However, did I entirely make the wrong move by going home? Part of the reason I went home was because when that previous girl checked out another dude on our date, I still wasted another hour talking to her and still chased her afterward. I never want to do that again.

So on one hand, I completely lost the chance of getting a lay with this new girl, but on the other hand, she may not have fucked me regardless and at least I didn’t waste my time on her.

What are your thoughts? I guess the best thing would’ve been to go through with the date but just realize that this girl was low quality, as expected.

P.S. I did kino this girl a bit and she had no problem with it so chances are I had a shot at fucking her but I just reacted a certain way to her disrespect.