Seeing as the AskTRP rules were hidden in a link to the banned subreddit r/AskTRP (and thus inaccessible to anyone actually trying to read the rules) I found it again in the Internet archives and am posting it here and stickying it in the forums red AskTRP sidebar where the broken link is.

Old rules posted ver batim below the line break (excessive or non-reddit irrelevant rules removed from original post; emphasis, mine):

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.

1. Posts must be requests for advice OR clarification. Posts only. It's called askTRP, not tellTRP. Not pollTRP, or discussPhilosophicalIssuesWithTRP, or haveAConversationWithTRP.

2. Advice must come from a Red Pill perspective. New members are expected to read the sidebar here and on the main sub, and to follow the discussion long enough to get a good grasp of the material before trying to offer advice of their own. To balance maintaining the integrity of our message without discouraging newer members on the learning curve, we may temporarily or permanently ban those seen posting blue-pill ideas and advice.

3. Do not insult or harass members; respect the EC tag. Members are here to improve their lives and discuss important ideas. Insults and ad hominem attacks dilute the message and become counterproductive to this mission. Attack the idea, not the person.

Members with special flairs have been vetted for thorough RP awareness and freely provide ongoing contribution and support to the community. Challenging their ideas is welcome, but disrespecting these members personally becomes a quick path to removal.

4. Address the community properly. While enforcement on AskTRP is more lax for the sake of beginners, to keep the discussion on point our posting standards disallow the following:

Concern trolling
Examples from fiction or lyrics
Requests for financial help
Promoting personal blog or site
Linking to Reddit- use a web archive
Imperatives, platitudes, clickbait titles
Announcing you are a woman

5. Read the FAQ and check the sidebar before posting The same questions posted every day lower signal quality and tend to burn out those who would stick around and help men who are actively trying.

Members are expected to read the short and long form FAQ and scan the sidebar to see if their question has been covered BEFORE posting. This will allow you to ask a more in depth, nuanced, and interesting question and obtain better results.

Putting in effort to improve your own lot is a pillar of masculinity and a condition of posting here

(read as: do a good amount of the work, don't just come here and ask a bunch questions that are probably answered in the sidebar, or the rational male, for example)