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URL: The Empress Is Naked
Location: Europe

"The Empress Is Naked"
Location: Europe
PurpleFidgetMidget 4 days ago

@adam-l I'd agree if I didn't just get banned for expressing my opinion on there.

wikisnack 5 days ago

@adam-l I like how he calls it red pill rage as if the admin of the site needed help building their case against trp. Just got to get a small mgtow jab in there.

adam-l 6 days ago

Paul Elam and Tom Golden: "Places like The Red Pill subreddit are saving lives. It's a disgusting, cowardly, misleading thing to quarantine them. This is about free speech, and the silencing of men. We are pulling for The Red Pill subreddit community".

redpillschool about a month ago

@adam-l with more than double the active users!

adam-l about a month ago

TRP just overtook seddit in subscribers. Yay!

adam-l about a month ago

@redpillschool What can I say... This goes a long way. I'm truly grateful.

redpillschool 2 months ago

@adam-l You get a big mention in today's sticky on reddit.

revengerence 2 months ago

@adam-l It's obvious that this is the case. If the ratios were 17-1 then betas would get no offspring. If betas got no offspring, then beta traits should have been eradicated long ago. The ideal(evolutionary) mental disposition of a young man is to pursue an alpha or beta strategy flexibly based on the feedback from the environment.

adam-l 2 months ago

@redpillschool I've been commenting that the "Alpha-caveman-gets-all-women" meme is wrong, here and there, and I have my old posts about how the prehistoric sexual market probably was. I 'll try to write smthg summing it up once more.

redpillschool 2 months ago

@adam-l Interesting. Did you post this on r/theredpill?

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