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URL: The Empress Is Naked
Location: Europe

"The Empress Is Naked"
Location: Europe
redpillschool 55 minutes ago

@adam-l Interesting. Did you post this on r/theredpill?

adam-l 4 hours ago

Cavemen were not cavemen.

By the Laura Betzig.

Prehistoric women-to-men reproduction ratio was only 2-to-1, as opposed to 17-to-1 in class societies.

adam-l 5 months ago

There are only 3 reasons for which one might deny the fact of female privilege: Lack of experience, lack of intelligence, or lack of morality.

On the other hand, the minimum requirement in order to be able to acknowledge it, is any two of those traits.

adam-l 7 months ago

100 named French women protest men's witch hunt. Didn't think it possible to see something positive from the progressive camp, I'm utterly surprised!

revengerence 8 months ago

@adam-l that's a cruel punishment.

adam-l 8 months ago

Women's fear that in a society where sex would have its proper value there would be noone around to bed them once they cross ~45 is completely unfounded.

Seriously, what do they think we would have convicts do, break stones?

RedRum 8 months ago

@adam-l It's funny. I wasn't a huge sexist asshole growing up like I am now. I was hard bloopie but I remember one time doing research on the US economy and I realized our economy was great when the man worked and the woman stayed at home and I really felt we should go back to that.

adam-l 8 months ago

@RedRum Things got so meased up after the Female Coup d'etat, their getting a right to sexual veto, couetesy of the "elite". Things were quite straightforward before that unholy coalition took over humanity. It's not natural law that the human female sets all the rules of the game.

adam-l 8 months ago

Creativity is something that men do in order to express their nature, or something that women do in order to escape theirs.

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Besides legal obligations, there is an ideological and emotional pressure on the man to keep providing for his children, no matter what (crazy ex, children turned against him, etc).

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Women now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.

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The Empress is Naked

it doesn't mean anyone should believe fairy tales written back then.

Are you questioning the reports coming from Hell?

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