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URL: The Empress Is Naked
Location: Europe

"The Empress Is Naked"
Location: Europe
WanaxAgamemnon about a week ago

@adam-l I liked your post. I plan on commenting a few thoughts, but it'll be in a while. Hopefully I'll remember to get back to it when the time comes. (if time allows, I might comment earlier)

work, work, work...

MentORPHEUS about a week ago

@adam-l @SeasonedRP Don't forget the Reddit vote system naturally favors light easy reading material over deep/profound/info-dense material. Both posts had merit but they're not an apples to apples comparison.

adam-l about a week ago

@SeasonedRP my post got stickied, had an interesting discussion, even ended up positively voted :) I'm quite happy.

It is apparently an idea that hadn't been processed in people's minds, so I wouldn't expect enthusiastic adoption. Opening the discussion is a realistic enough goal for me.

SeasonedRP 2 weeks ago

@adam-l I think you make some good points. Consider how many women make false abuse allegations in family court proceedings or otherwise take steps to keep kids away from their fathers, either for money or out of spite. Incidents like these aren't uncommon. Such women hardly love their children. But it's the kind of thing most men can't accept.

destraht 2 weeks ago

@redpillschool @adam-l Maybe its the path to refining and expanding the language, even creating many new words. Eskimos have so many words for frozen water. Maybe in the long run it can be refined to say "the majority of women don't love their children in the exact ways that people think that they do". So women X their children.

destraht 2 weeks ago

@redpillschool @adam-l My mentor told me a story about how a Swedish woman didn't produce milk after her child was born. Swedes went to work on her since they are socialist and very busy body involved. They discovered that she really didn't want her child and was loathing it. We discussed how Americans would be incapable of comprehending these depths of the psyche. Maybe they only have their moms.

RedRum 2 weeks ago

@adam-l I call these guys "aggressively autistic"

redpillschool 2 weeks ago

@adam-l sometimes new perspectives need a boost. I wouldn't take the vote score personally. I'm actually surprised by it

adam-l 2 weeks ago

@tb87670 @RedRum I don't usually use the Alpha/Beta terms. As you say, we don't have a commonly understood definition.

However, @rollo-tommassi 's discussion about negotiated vs ferral sex -for women- is a fundamental one, imo.

adam-l 2 weeks ago

@redpillschool Looking forward to reading what you make of it.

Tough issue.

Thanks for the sticky, gave it a chance to be discussed.

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The Thing You Really Want

You cannot have pussy as your ultimate target. Sex for us men is like food. If we are starving, it's the most important thing. When we have enough, it no longer makes sense obsessing about it.

Have a mission.

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The Thing You Really Want

Getting to the point where you have girls lusting after you is necessary, for a man. Whether it is sufficient, i.e. it makes you feel fulfilled, is another issue.

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The Intellectual Yet Idiot


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Would you rather be a woman?

Depends on your social class. If you are upper-middle class +, and Red-Pilled, you can derive more life satisfaction as a man.

If you are lower-middle class and below, being a woman is unbeatable.

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Can a woman ever truly love you?
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I’m thinking about go to a bar tonight by myself? Should I or shouldn’t I?

Try social dancing. Take some salsa lessons, or whatever you can find. Gives you a social circle, a subject to make small talk about, and the chance to go out alone at nights and meet people comfortably.

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