Kevin Samuels was an internet YouTuber and image consultant who broke the internet about 18 months ago with this video he entitled "Average At Best". In it, he talks with a 35 year old black woman with a 13 year old son by an on again, off again sketchy baby daddy. He spends a lot of time talking with her about her "need" for a "high value man". You should watch the video - and Samuels' other videos - for a good red pill education, especially as it pertains to the black community.

This video is a neat, tidy microcosm pointing up everything wrong about intersexual relationships today. The woman is aging out of the market, with too much baggage. She doesn't even understand her baggage or that men don't want it - or her. She has almost none of what men want, and lacks even the understanding that she doesn't have what men want. She called in on his "Disagreement Day", a call in show where people are supposed to confront Samuels with their disagreements on his positions; but said "I just want some advice". Samuels is very patient with her, but she simply cannot understand what he's saying or how it applies to her. She then complains about how "mean" he's being to her, at which point he ends the call abruptly.

What is all this telling us about women?

--women don't respect men. This woman said "Damn his topic, I'm going to demand his time and resources and I'm entitled to them."

--women don't care about men. This woman wants what she wants, when she wants it.

--women don't know men. This woman doesn't understand what "high value men" are or what they want in women. She cannot fathom why a HVM will not want a 35 year old baby mama. She doesn't know who these men are, what they do, how they live their lives, or what they want in women.

--women don't have what men want. She cannot understand that her alleged "6 figure business^ running a doggy day care/pet grooming place doesn't make her sexually attractive to men. When she's asked what she has to offer, she says that she can help a man with his business, that she can plant gardens, and is into self improvement. It never occurs to her that high value men don't need women's help running their businesses; that HVM don't plant gardens and if they did, they wouldn't need help from women with it; and that they don't need help from women with self improvement.

Yes, Samuels contributed to the manosphere lexicon with "High Value Man" and a good, workable, real world definition of the term. But this video, the one that made him famous, points up an undeniable truth:

Women don't know men, they don't know what men are about, and they don't know what men want in a long term relationship with a woman.

Women aren't listening to men.

Oh, women understand that men are about sex. Women understand what men like to fuck. Women understand the kinds of women men like to "kick it" with. Women either don't understand, or don't care, what men want long term. Women don't understand or don't care what it takes to be a wife; and they certainly don't get what it takes to be a HVM's wife. Men are telling women over and over what they want for long term relationships; and women still don't understand it.

Unlike how MSM news outlets are spinning Samuels and his legacy, this isn't misogyny.

It isn't misogyny to tell women what we want and expect women to supply it. It isn't misogyny for men to want what they want.

It isn't misogyny to say that a 35 year old baby mama with a 13 year old illegitimate son who has a sketchy baby daddy isn't attractive to men and doesn't qualify for a HVM.

It isn't misogyny for a man to say to a 35 year old baby mama "No. I don't want you and I don't want that. You don't have what I want."

It isn't misogyny for men to have standards.

It isn't misogyny for men to tell women what they want, and to tell the women who don't have what they want, that they don't have what they want.

It isn't "mean" to tell women "no".

It isn't "mean" to tell women when they're out of order and being rude and disrespectful.

It isn't "mean" to tell women that they need to stop talking and LISTEN.

Until women start listening to men, the problems will continue.