This post contains example dating profiles, relationship posts, and other content that fits our central theme (rule 5). We mods may resticky this post on occasion to remind everyone why we're here and the types of content we're looking for.

As stated in the purpose of this forum, our central theme is exposing women who seek good men for commitment and financial stability after dating jerks, riding the carousel, and who likely have children they want provided for. This is called a dual-mating strategy, aka Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks. This strategy of dating jerks and riding the carousel before settling down with a good man is not only planned by women,^[1][2][3] but it's encouraged by feminists.

The decent, chivalrous men often rejected for not being "tall enough", "thug enough", or "just friends" usually end up being the same men that women seek commitment from because the bad boys she chose were too selfish, abusive, and irresponsible to care about her needs when she wants to settle down and needs stability. Unfortunately by the time she finally seeks the good guys for commitment, her value is tremendously lowered due to some combination of depreciating looks, a promiscuous past, alpha widowhood, and kids needing provision. And our purpose is to help decent men guard their commitment and resources to avoid ending up in dead bedrooms while providing financial stability to women who picked them last.


During the weekdays, submissions must show a woman who is looking for commitment while also either complaining about jerks or promiscuity, needing her kids provided for, being entitled or unreasonable, or complaining that she "can't find a decent guy":

  • Complaining about jerks, promiscuity or being single: "Tired of games and jerks", "My ex treated me like crap", "I dated the wrong guys and now I want a good man", "I used to date bad boys now I want a nice guy", "Tired of the party lifestyle and ready to settle down", "Just got out of an abusive relationship and want a real man to treat me with respect", "I've been on lots of dates but can't find a decent guy", "All my friends are getting married but I'm still single", "Guys I'm attracted to aren't attracted to me and vice versa", "I'm beginning to think there are no decent men left", "Losing hope on finding love, getting married and having a family", "Where are all the good men?", "Why can't I find a decent guy?", "What happened to chivalry and respect?"

  • Single moms who emphasize their kids and seek provider-male traits: "My kids come first", "My children are my world", "My kids come before anyone", "Looking for a man who is kind, respectful, and hard-working", "a man who is honest, loyal and trustworthy", "Must have a job and be good with kids", "Must be financially stable", "My baby's father is not in the picture", "If you don't like kids swipe left", "We are a package deal", "Looking for a good male role model", "a man with morals and manners", "a potential step-dad", "a father-figure", "family-oriented", "a positive male influence", "someone my kids can look up to", "someone who can accept my kids as his own" (It's not enough that she says "I'm a single mom". The complaining and demands must be obvious. Even if she has a job and "don't need a man to take care of us", she's still looking for a male role model and someone to give her a break from managing her kids all the time. We discuss this in detail here).

  • Being entitled or unreasonable: "Must be tall and fit", "I'm a princess/queen and deserve to be spoiled", "Must have your own house, car and be financially stable", "Must be over 6ft and make $100K per year", "Your profile needs to stand out to get my attention", "I've been on lots of dates but can't find a decent guy", "Guys I'm attracted to aren't attracted to me and vice versa", "No short men", "I'm picky and not settling for less than I deserve" (She usually has a list of things she wants in a man).

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  • Relationship posts

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  • Articles: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • Memes

  • We also have a multireddit containing posts within Reddit that fit our theme.


Content that's NOT allowed: If your post gets removed, it's almost always because it's not a woman complaining about being single or being unreasonable. Here are some common posts that are prohibited:

  1. Women who are merely fat or unattractive. She must fit rule 5 in some way.

  2. Women who just want to hookup, cheat, open relationship, or women bragging about promiscuity. We only allow carousel riders who are either complaining about being single or getting dumped/divorced for their slutty past because we're here to show women paying the consequences of their promiscuity, not just taking advantage of men and being slutty in general. We also have a greater impact on both men and skeptics by showing actual women complaining about being single, rather than women whoring themselves without consequences. The bold, bulleted items on our sub's Purpose shows the impact we have when posts fit rule 5.

  3. "Bad woman" posts of women merely behaving badly with no complaining about being single or suffering any consequences. Examples include women bragging about promiscuity, bragging about being a thot, bragging about being "single and happy", bragging about being "independent and successful", behaving badly in her current relationship, behaving badly on a date, engaging in misandry or male-shaming. Often the OP will try to make bad women fit the theme with titles such as "Soon she'll be asking WAATGM", or "This is why good men aren't committing". But again we're here to show women suffering the consequences of their poor behavior and are now looking for good men to bail them out, hence the sub's name.

  4. Gold diggers who just want money, nor do we allow sugar babies who are young and attractive as this is what most men want. To align close to our theme - and to keep up the amusement - we only allow sugar babies who are fat or post-wall while being selfish or unreasonable, or she's complaining about financial problems or her kids as reasons for wanting money. More examples of gold diggers allowed here.

  5. Generic or fringe profiles with no complaining or unreasonableness. It's not enough that she's fat, post-wall, or says "I'm a single mom". The complaining and demands must be obvious.

  6. Low-effort, low-quality posts such as partial relationship posts, partial articles, and shallow profiles. We only allow the full story, and it must fit rule 5. For articles use For long relationship posts or profiles we recommended the app Stitch It: for iPhone, for Android.

  7. Post titles making claims or speculation about the woman with no evidence in the actual post (examples here and here). This includes posts where you know the woman personally. We aim expose women's dual-mating and unreasonableness with legitimacy by showing obvious profiles depicting that behavior. So we only allow posts of women complaining about being single in their own words. Titles and backstories must reflect what's in the post so that no one accuses us of making things up.

  8. Post-wall profiles with just "want kids someday" in the tag. There are numerous "want someday" profiles, and while we see the unreasonableness of women wanting kids at an older age given the health risks, the problem is there's often little to no complaining, condescending remarks, or promiscuity in the bio. To align closer to rule 5 - and to minimize the number of "decent" profiles - the woman must explicitly state in her own words that she "wants kids" or to "start a family" (example). This makes her more desperate for children in her late stages than women who want a travel partner first or otherwise haven't made children a high priority.

  9. Beta/simp ("Don't be this guy") posts of men complaining about cheating, dead bedrooms, past promiscuity, open relationships, or even just blatant white-knighting/pedestalizing women. It diverts attention away from women complaining about being single, their poor dating choices, and their sense of entitlement to good men's commitment and resources. We're here to show women suffering the consequences of their poor dating behavior. We only allow such posts on the weekend if it's a clear case of dual-mating strategy to warn men about what to expect if they date single moms and carousel riders. But bear in mind we aim to expose the woman's dating behavior, not mock the man who is blue-pilled as we once were. Generic cheating or dead bedroom posts are NOT allowed if there is no evidence of past promiscuity or her wanting him for financial stability.

  10. Memes mocking beta-behavior, or women taking advantage of men. Memes should focus on women complaining about being single, being unreasonable, and making her the butt of the joke. See our gallery of memes for examples that fit our theme.

  11. Satire/"I'll ruin your life" profiles. We only allow serious profiles of women seeking commitment.

  12. "Vigilante" posts of men taking actions against women such as insulting or harassing, or engaging in activities considered invasive or unlawful. We only allow posts that call out bad behavior in a public setting such as social media and discussion forums, but PMs where the guy is insulting the woman without provocation is prohibited, even if she's a single mom seeking commitment.

  13. Videos discussing PUA/game, dating/self-help advice, how women think and behave, or women merely engaging in bad behavior (such as cheating or being promiscuous). Videos should focus on actual women complaining about being single, or men offering a response/analysis for why women are single and can't find a good man.

  14. Content that fits better on other subs: RedPill/MGTOW/BlackPill content without any WAATGM elements, women making misandrous/"Nicegirl" statements (r/Nicegirls), women making false accusations or being violent towards others (r/MensRights).

  15. Posting too many profiles at one time. We appreciate the contributions, but ask that members post no more than 1 profile per day to allow for visibility and discussion for other posts on our sub. Our tiered members (Endorsed and Hamster Analysts) may post 2 on occasion.