Here is a list of all the Carols we've unlocked, and it represents the types of content we allow. We offer 2 types of content, "Central theme" and "Non-Central theme":

Central theme (rule 5) consists of women who are looking for commitment while also either complaining about jerks or promiscuity, needing their kids provided for, being entitled or unreasonable, or complaining that they "can't find a decent guy". (Examples)

All other content is considered Non-Central theme and may only be posted on weekends (Friday-Sunday). For those who would like to contribute content from within Reddit, we have a multireddit containing posts that fit our theme.


Central theme (rule 5):

  • The Big Question: Carol asks "Where are all the good men?", "Why can't I find a decent guy?", "What happened to chivalry and respect?". Other forms of The Big Question here.

  • Bailout: Carol wants a man to help raise her kids and provide financial stability.

  • Leftovers: Carol whines about how hard dating is as an older woman. u/kevin32's favorite Carol!

  • Dual-Mating Strategy: Carol admits to partying and dating the bad boys but now wants a good guy to settle down with. Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks.

  • Cock Carousel Rider: Carol complains about being single while having a history of promiscuity.

  • Entitlement Princess: Carol has unreasonable standards while offering little to no value herself. (Commitment is key. If she just wants a free meal, then it's restricted to the weekend.)

  • Strong Independent Woman: Carol chases degrees, career and promiscuity until she's past her prime and can't find commitment. She brings career and money to the relationship, but at the expense of depreciating looks, a condescending attitude, and an obsessive need to control.

  • Chasing Chad: Carol is seeking Mr. Tall, Handsome and Successful, her "soul mate", or "the one".

  • Early Bird: A woman who is open to dating genuinely Good Men earlier than is normal for most women on the carousel. She rejects jerks for decent men while still in her early 20s with no kids.

  • Epiphany Phase: Carol is hitting the Wall and is now seeking Alpha Bucks for commitment and a family.

  • Damaged Goods: Carol has suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of jerks, making her an unstable partner and unfit mother.


Non-Central theme (allowed only on weekends): Weekend content should still relate to women seeking commitment or resources, or otherwise engaging in poor dating behavior.

  • WAATGM In The Making: A woman who rejects commitment with Good Men in favor of jerks and promiscuity without thought of consequences, and who will likely ask The Big Question when she's past her prime. Guidelines for posting "WAATGM In The Making" can be found here.

  • Single Mom Tears, Single Woman Tears: Single moms and women just whining about being single though not actively seeking commitment.

  • Hypergamy: When a woman branch swings from one man to another, usually a man she perceives as having higher value or more resources.

  • Gold Digger: A woman who cares far more about a man's money and resources than himself. We only allow Gold Diggers looking for a relationship, not a sugar daddy.

  • Sugar Bailout: A woman who seeks financial support by complaining about financial difficulties or providing for her kids in order to trigger men's provider nature.

  • Attention Whore: A woman who just wants attention and validation via social media, often under the guise of seeking a relationship.

  • Friendzone Fiona: A woman who wants to be "just friends" in order to use men for attention and favors.

  • Tramp: A woman who attempts to land a serious, long-term relationship through slutty or trashy pics and descriptions.

  • Bitch: A woman who is more condescending in her dating description than courteous or polite.

  • Psycho Bitch: A woman with a fucked up mentality and should be avoided at all costs!

  • Camwhore Consequences: A woman who complains about being an online prostitute.

  • Pushing Muh Agenda!: A statement that influences bias and support for women at the expense of men.

  • A Response: A statement that answers The Big Question.

  • Endorsed Response: A statement from a contributor that answers The Big Question.

  • Memes: Memes should relate to women complaining about being single or being unreasonable. Quality examples here.

  • Humor!: Humor should relate to women complaining about being single or being unreasonable.

  • Announcements: News and rules regarding the WAATGM forum.