Up until now, we've mostly shown content of women seeking Good Men for commitment often when they're past their prime. Now by introducing "WAATGM In The Making", we aim to show common behaviors, choices and rationalizations women make leading up to them asking The Big Question; to show how and why women ride the cock carousel, how women become alpha widows and damaged goods, as well as to show those few instances when women have a Good Man and exceptional provider, that she thought she could still do better.

Such content helps men further understand the nature of women's hypergamy and dual-mating strategy, as well as to further strengthen their resolve to avoid committing to women who have habitually engaged in such behavior.


Here are the types of content that we consider WAATGM-ITM:

  • The woman is riding the carousel (or serial dating) while also suffering some consequence such as complaining that men won't commit or suffering abuse/depression. It's not enough that she's merely on Tinder seeking a hookup, or that she talks about how kinky sex was with a FWB. There should be evidence that she's been with multiple men, and that there was a consequence for her behavior. (Examples: 1, 2). If there are no obvious consequences for her promiscuity, then she must give a rationalization for her behavior; a reason why she's sleeping with different men and not committing to making the relationship work.

  • She's dating a man who is good to her, but she wants to end the relationship in favor of jerks and promiscuity, often claiming that she wants "independence" or to "find myself". She may also reject decent men because they're "too nice" or "no chemistry". (Examples: 1, 2, 3)

  • She's riding the carousel (or serial dating) but contemplating settling down and questioning the morals of her sexual behavior and how it might affect a long-term relationship. (Example)

  • She's dating an abusive/cheating jerk, but wants to stay with him and fix the relationship. Or she breaks up with him and complains about how abusive he was. (Examples: 1, 2)


Content that is NOT allowed:

  • Women who just want to hookup, cheat, or engaging in promiscuity without repercussions. There must be evidence of a consequence for her behavior such as complaining that men won't commit or suffering abuse/depression.

  • Women making misandrous/"nice girl" statements ("All men are trash", "Nice Guys are boring"). There must be evidence of her rejecting a man that she admits is good to her.


Because we now have flair for almost any type of content that relates to our theme, most WAATGM-ITM content could also be flaired as say, Hypergamy, Dual-Mating Strategy or Cock Carousel Rider. But the key difference is that with WAATGM-ITM, the woman is not serious about wanting a Good Man's commitment just yet. She's either single and prefers riding the carousel and choosing jerks, or she's already in a good relationship but wants out. She's still enjoying the perks of being young and desirable, or she hasn't suffered enough consequences of choosing jerks or being past her prime to ask The Big Question yet.

More examples of WAATGM-ITM can be found here.