Can someone explain to me why women, on their dating profiles put in their bio things like "My kids will always come first". Yeah, no shit lady. Does it go to shed light on the immaturity of women that do this? In my opinion, if you have to broadcast that your children come first to the world, you're a shitty mom - sorry, not sorry. It's implied, any decent human being with half a brain understands that. What they DON'T understand, is when you use your kids to brush off men and then sit there and complain about how the world is full of shitty men and "WAATGM?". All the guys I know (I'm not a young guy), know how to interact with kids when they're present. Most of the guys enjoy playing catch, tag and interacting with the kids too - maybe it's cause we're a bit older and reliving our childhoods.

The question I'm asking: Is there a really a group of men that don't value; or even better - understand and respect what motherhood is in general? Are women encountering these men by the droves and have they solidified and now generalized all men?