Titles a bit confusing. But so are situationships.

I’ve been plating a girl for the past few months. We are casual and haven’t talked about exclusivity. So she knows loosely I’m seeing other girls but I don’t talk about it.

On the other hand, she told me she’s single and generally gives me the impression that things are getting serious between us, to the state of even going raw and me giving her cream pies (she’s on BC), and she’s getting a bit emotional with me (I like you a lot, I miss you, etc). And me making her my submissive (with collar, leash, etc). Generally I get to see her on Friday or Saturday on demand (I know girls save that day for their main) so I generally had the notion I was #1

Well I found her TikTok and found out she has a boyfriend. Like they have photos on dates from the past month or two. Nothing more, so I expect it’s a newer relationship, maybe not even official..?

Last night I saw her a guy called. She goes to the bathroom to talk on the phone. She came back and said it was her brother.

That’s fine. We’re both Fwb but she’s STILL seeing me.

But why does she feel this obligation to lie about being single? Why is she hiding him from me? Why is she still seeing me despite being with him?

I’m not gonna lie. I don’t know how to feel about it. Part of me feels like he’s better because she wanted a ltr with him. The other part thinks I’m better because I’m the side alpha dick or whatever

But the truth is I was open to LTR with her. So it stings a bit. And I can’t get mad

Part of me wants to just end the Fwb dynamic. The other part tells me that stupid because I have access to her. She’s some of the best pussy I’ve had she’s Brazilian.

I just have this weird emotional reaction that maybe if I end things with her she’ll feel like shit and chase me to replace him. But maybe that’s wishful thinking

I didn’t ask to be her ltr, but that’s because I’m redpilled and I know a girl needs to ask first. But I was playing the long game with her