Have a similar post to the one vermillion rx posted

However I don’t know his age I know mine ( 30) and I am leaning towards LTR for the right one but am not where I want to be life wise.

I still pick up girls from real life ( friends of freiend and our) and OLD. OLD is a minefield it’s so easy but it’s easy for everyone. I’m an interesting and charismatic character so girls normally are into me quite quickly and sleep with me soon after.

After one date they are trying to see me in the weekdays ( some say weekdays are better for dating but for me I like to keep my work, gym balance tight during then). So I know they’re into me but not necessarily only seeing me.

Am I being unfair that they’re hooked after one date or two but not closing all their options ( neither am I) this is a common theme around OLD

Also on another side note, it’s been some years since a girl I’ve broken as a plate has come crawling back. It’s weird to say but it used to happen not frequently but every once in a while. Is there something I’m doing or is that the new age ?