Not because I’m not successful.

I was red pilled without knowing it as I grew up like a king. Then in college, my friend circle was “elite.” I thought all men had it like that from my limited mindset and didn’t really know rejection or fear when it comes to girls.

After I graduated, I kinda had to find my own way. I’m very independent so didn’t lean on friends or family. It took me a while. I saw how dire things are when you don’t have an elite family or social circle backing you. I saw how judgmental and mean women can be.

Fast forward, I put on muscle and redid my style. What you all call “look max.” Always had a pretty-ish face. Now, my status mattered less and in fact I was fucking on girls the same caliber or even better than in college.

Then I hit a high a status job. Now I’m the hottest I can possibly be in terms of SMV. I don’t like mentioning my job and family but tbh every time I do, I have girls chasing. Some girls are still trying after I gave them absolutely no indicators a year on. This shit is kinda pathetic.

I’m not in the celebrity or business mogul tier but I have enough perspective to understand the game.

But the more I think about it, there is no “finding your equal.” Even Drake just wrote a song: “I need someone to get money with, not take it from me.” I’m simply not genuinely into all these hoes. I might turn on the charm and get a one night stand here and there but I feel zero motivation to entertain anyone beneath my caliber.

TRP is right (minus some of the conservative politics baked in) on human dynamics. Power and status runs everything. But it also means that everyone is trying to choose up, especially girls, and “love” is dying. The reality is that assortative mating is the only viable, sensible mating arrangement. The rest is just transaction: looks for sex, body for sex, money for sex. Y’all say beta bux but you guys discount how many rich guys are alpha. And for guys like that, how do you ever truly find love?

It doesn’t really bother me because I have many interests. I’d be the “sigma” according to your ideology. But sometimes I can’t help but feel this is fucking the very fabric of society up: what happens when most men can’t date their equals?

And if we keep practicing TRP, we are furthering the decline aren’t we? Isn’t it better for men to just purely focus on dating their equals and fuck this other shit with having a million side pieces intent on ruining their lives and appetite for love? At least that’s where I am right now.