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StrikePrice 3 days ago

@Gaboyski I’d do the same if I were in charge of strategy over there. What are young “men” doing these days? Drinking soy, growing beards and emasculating THEMSELVES. And worst of all, buying from Harry’s or DSC. What choice is Gillette given? Hold on to a dwindling (apparently) market or go for the “future”?

StrikePrice about a week ago

@Fraita Weakness is its own punishment as stemgth is its own reward.

StrikePrice about a week ago

@KnowledgeSlayer If you’re steuggling, raise your SMV. Money, looks, game. You need 2 of the 3. Which do you lack (honestly)?

thorgilbjornson 2 weeks ago

@StrikePrice Either some DEEP crazy, or some rough and kinky shit that some other dude turned her onto.

Cyber_Occultist 2 weeks ago

@StrikePrice neurotic fetish due to some latent emotional trauma? Or she is a masochist that finds satisfaction in being used (not unlike many people beneath the surface), which is not mutual exclusive to the former

KnowledgeSlayer 2 weeks ago

@StrikePrice Sounds like she is a slut , don't bother taking her out to dinner.Just take her to McDonalds and keep her as a plate.

StrikePrice 2 weeks ago

@KnowledgeSlayer shockingly, I don’t have a lot of experience with the sub/dom thing. I’m researching it tho.

KnowledgeSlayer 2 weeks ago

@StrikePrice If you're into that lol.I find that guys who masturbate alot have weird fetishes. While sluts also have weird fetishes.

StrikePrice 2 weeks ago

@KnowledgeSlayer dude! I was so fucking thinking that. I got the “let’s see each other again” text, so I think I’m okay. I’ll take her to a nice restaurant this week and then gag her with my fingers later.

Noblefiz 2 weeks ago

@StrikePrice maybe it's just a fetish my dude. Girls have kinks too

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Raising a glass to a fallen brother

Pfft. I’m not Richard. Not even close. You check out like that, you’re a pussy nothing more. Sorry to ruin your fantasy. Nothing honorable or inspirational in what he did.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by StrikePrice
The SERIOUS Importance of Vitamin D (trust me, read details within)

I also take 10k IU per day. Have for years. My GP told me one time “you’re my only patient with normal Vitamin D levels.”

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by StrikePrice
Mattress Girl just made a porno...and called it performance art.

Is she making any money off it? If so, respect.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 years ago by StrikePrice

[The more you sleep, the more Testosterone your body produces.] ( Enough said.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 years ago by StrikePrice
Getting touched by Females in Public.

I made the mistake of calling it out once. This woman at work was all over me in the office and then she leaned in and said "Wow! You smell good too!"

I laughed and said "You're harassing me!" as a joke. She's Indian, but at that moment her face was as white as a ghost. She just walked off without saying a word.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 years ago by StrikePrice
Telling A Woman You Earn More Than You Do Could Soon Be Rape (These wheels must power all of Paris)

The bill defines it as "an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not."

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 years ago by StrikePrice

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