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TwoInchesOfShaft 3 days ago

@Chaddeus_Rex you are right sir. Mass gainers are mostly waxy maize starch or maltodextrin. If sugar is empty, these are too, cause the body releases more insulin processing them. Don’t worry though. Empty calories DO help you build muscle. Just get your calories, protein, veggies.

Whisper 5 days ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft Yes, I do indeed have a LOT of details to fill in. But right now writing is slow, and the TRP to-do list is long and not shrinking, because I have other responsibilities that are consuming my attention.

Your interest has been noted. I'll get to it when I can.

StrikePrice 5 days ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft it was in response to “oh I should eat more sugar to get the cals in.” If he’s thinking that, he’s far from a healthy 3500 cal diet.

TwoInchesOfShaft 5 days ago

@StrikePrice why would you recommend a ketogenic diet for a probably small guy who struggles to get 3500 kcal in? This keeps insulin secretion to a minimum which prolongs the process of muscle gain. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, use it wisely and there’s no problem with it in and of itself

TwoInchesOfShaft 5 days ago

Carbs and sugar are not an enemy. If you’re skinny and need to gain weight or you got trouble eating enough the extra insulin spike will most likely help you. Spike it post workout, that’s not a problem at all. Combine the fast acting carbs with slower acting carbs and you’ll get the spike as well as the baseline increase (eg o.n.oats)

TwoInchesOfShaft about a week ago

@Whisper I did. Especially LTR: The Bare Minimum is a masterpiece in my opinion. I was hoping for more elaboration on some points specifically on how to instill obedience if you startet out right but there seems to be some push back or what to avoid in a LTR. The foundation is clear, the application is difficult.

Whisper about a week ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft I have a few articles on it, but haven't transferred them from reddit yet. Check out "LTR: The Bare Minimum", "Tears", and "Why You Don't Wanna Be Chad".

Also @HumanSockPuppet 's guides to bitch management.

j_arbuckle2012 2 weeks ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft The Devil in the Details trilogy by LT Morrison.

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 weeks ago

@Whisper I don’t see much about control game on here but it makes sense. Is there any recommended literature or could you expand on the details/theory of it in a post?

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