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TwoInchesOfShaft 3 weeks ago

Damn was shocked last week. A guy I know told me his girlfriend lost his kid. I said it was sad. He said it’s ne THIRD time that „happens“ and then proceeded to tell me his other 4 kids with her aren’t his, they are all from previous relationships!Then he told me her ex raped her and the kids! But he loves her The BP is a damn hard drug

TwoInchesOfShaft 3 weeks ago

@redpillschool Roosh always has some gold nuggets in his rants

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane Does make sense on some level. Roosh always talks about that. Does it in a funny way too. Maybe worth trying his podcast.

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

Still surprised by TRP. Last time I saw my LTR, I was tired af and in pain. We talked a bit and I let slip that I’m not well, it was not that hard to see too. She was nowhere near sexually aroused afterwards. Today, still felt not right, but when she asked I said I am and talked to her in the DARE manner. She was ALL OVER me.

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@winninglosing you’ll know if the guy’s a deal breaker. There are so many pathetic orbiters today that often you don’t have to worry. What it usually means is, she uses him for either attention or material gifts, could be a bad sign. There’s a slight chance there’s another good reason for their association and you don’t have to worry

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@SeasonedRP @winninglosing you could do that, would probably be the reasonable thing. You will know if she’s a prospect if you’ve been fucking her a while. You shouldnt want a relationship, because you will ignore red flags, you can only be open to one. If the semester abroad is a sure thing she won’t be more than a plate

winninglosing 2 months ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft Thanks thats what I am thinking of.

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@winninglosing The exchange semester is tricky. She will probably talk to you again about it and say something like “I don’t really want to go because of you”. If you are clear that you won’t do LDR, there’s a chance she’ll cancel. If she doesn’t just move on, maybe you can meet afterwards, but be very vague about the future, no promises

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@winninglosing how does she talk about the guy? Long time guy friends rarely get the pussy, I wouldn’t worry unless she tells you they have been together. Otherwise he’s just her main orbiter

TwoInchesOfShaft 3 months ago

If I work really hard on a project which requires determination and discipline, I don’t have any fun when I’m going out in the evening. My game drops at least 3 levels. I’m asking myself if this is because my mind isn’t free and I’m stressed or because I know subconsciously it’s detrimental to my goals to go out at night. Anybody else?

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