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redpillschool about a month ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft correct. You're looking for enthusiasm. If it's missing then she's not into you enough to invest more time or effort into.

TwoInchesOfShaft about a month ago

@redpillschool Thank you! That’s the plan if she doesn’t compromise in some way to be with me. But it’s not a good idea to go straight for “the talk”, I mean, logic doesn’t ring with girls even if they’re intelligent. You’d just tell her here’s the options and if she isn’t head over heels for my plan, I next her?

redpillschool about a month ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft If she doesn't want to follow you, I'd be making arrangements to move on anyhow.

TwoInchesOfShaft about a month ago

I don’t want to try to convince her, I want her subconscious to do that for me. Do you think it will work this way?

TwoInchesOfShaft about a month ago tell her how great the city and the country is (been there), told her already maybe I’ll take her with me, so I’m gonna drop that I think it would be better to go alone. Then some flirting in front of her. Then giving hints about how we should enjoy the rest of the time we got. All that over a few weeks. I bet she’ll beg to come with me. Thoughts?

TwoInchesOfShaft about a month ago

Got a question. LTR of over a year is going great. But seems like we’re both doing a semester abroad next year in different countries, so we’re both planning. I won’t do a LDR. Since I’m there for work and she’s there to study, my idea was to take her with me to the same city instead of splitting up. My plan is...

SeasonedRP about a month ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft Excellent. I am so glad to hear this worked out well. Good job.

TwoInchesOfShaft about a month ago

@SeasonedRP worked like a charm. Told her I could make it happen instantly with a girl. She said “a girl would judge me” I said “she would masturbate so she couldn’t” she said “hm let’s postpone this”

RedRum about a month ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft sounds like she'd want to do camshows

TwoInchesOfShaft 2 months ago

@SeasonedRP brillant to suggest a girl. That will certainly make it less desirable for her and more so for me and I know a chick who’d do it too. Let’s see what happens when I suggest it later

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