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Location: TN
Expertise: Plumbing
Age: 25
Max Bench: 175
Max Squat: 175

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Age: 25 | Location: TN | Plumbing
CorliameDeux 4 hours ago

@Noblefiz I hope thats the case

Noblefiz 6 hours ago

@CorliameDeux there have ways been brief interludes between when new pieces get published by ECs. And they tend to be published within the same general timeframe. Doubt it's coordinated. But nevertheless thats how it usually happens. Sort of like how traffic rubber bands when it backs up. New posts will be back soon.Some ECs are just busy

j_arbuckle2012 14 hours ago

@Noblefiz funny how that works.

Women want to be owned.

Noblefiz 19 hours ago

Got some solid experience utilizing Control Game last night, as well as finding a new plate. Was unsure about how first plate would react to me stepping up how much I demand of her but her reaction was totally opposite of what I thought.she ate that shit up. She loved it and immediately affection and physical contact skyrocketed.

Noblefiz 4 days ago

Really had some of the Principals of Game (Being Phillips) cemented in my brain last weekend. #7,#11,#12,#18. Girl gave me all the signs of wanting to go home with me. All but overtly told me. And it went right over my head. Didn't captain my shop right and sowed the seeds of my own embarrassment. Be credible,pay attention, be captain.

Noblefiz 4 days ago

@redpillschool precisely why I won't enter into one under any circumstances. Ever.

redpillschool 4 days ago

@Noblefiz LDR is just giving permission for her to cheat.

Noblefiz 4 days ago

@TheStoicCrane absolutely not haha. LDRs are destined to fail by default. Never have never will.

TheStoicCrane about a week ago

@Noblefiz Wait, wait, wait. "Flying down to see me?" You trying to have an LDR with a plate?

Doctordinglefuck about a week ago

@Noblefiz dude she has an alternate strategy that we havent prepared for: ABORT MISSION. I guarantee you she visits her own version of the redpill to strategize ways to maximize her options as well.. but im assuming that you're doing everything right: lifting hard, holding frame, shit tests mastered, obeying bitch mgmnt heirarchy etc

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