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KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

ADDY A GAME !! This guy just got called out

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

I think looks are important.Looks boost confidence and thus lead to getting laid more often.Unless you are narcissistic then it doesn't really matter.

StrikePrice 4 months ago

@KnowledgeSlayer If you’re steuggling, raise your SMV. Money, looks, game. You need 2 of the 3. Which do you lack (honestly)?

dustup 4 months ago

@KnowledgeSlayer by your language, you're still putting pussy on pedestals. Pussy doesn't fuck down the pedestal. "I wanna" is for children and women.

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

@clavabot that's easy but when you taste the pussy you can't get enough.God the taste of new pussy is better than a new car smell.

clavabot 4 months ago

@KnowledgeSlayer you have it good, I want to get laid ;-;

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

I fell into the monogamy trap and stutter when I talk to bitches now ????????

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

guys i really just wanna get laid more often.

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

Today is my 7th day no fap.From afar I saw a 60 year old woman and thought she looked like a goddess.As I got closer she looked grotesque ???????????? Legit my eyes deceived me

KnowledgeSlayer 4 months ago

Aight well imma start hunting again.i have sadly gotten about rusty.

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