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KnowledgeSlayer 6 hours ago

fell back into beta mindset, got kicked back after some consequencies.

BadBoyProgrammer about a day ago

@KnowledgeSlayer No shame in liking or developing feelings for a girl. Girls can actually be great. Just do not pedestralize, be dependant or get lost in your own feelings. Nothing is permanent.

aNeonym about a day ago

@KnowledgeSlayer is she human? Chances are she has flaws. Otherwise she'd be a literal goddess already.

The perfect girl only exists in our imagination.

JamesSkepp about a day ago

@KnowledgeSlayer Pen+paper, do a list of things you find attractive in her, that other women don't have. Then, find her unique traits in other women, preferably hotter ones.

StrikePrice about a day ago

@KnowledgeSlayer Theory? Some people (you apparently) believe that external forces control their lives. That’s a bad way to go though life. Don’t worry about women and oneitis. Worry about your self-confidence. You will never have anything you want with your low self-esteem. Get the book “Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.” Focus there first.

AwakenedSovereign20 2 days ago

@KnowledgeSlayer Free Test as in my Free Testosterone levels which clocked in at 10.4pg/dl. Very low based on most reference ranges I've seen.

Test was done at Labcorp

KnowledgeSlayer 2 days ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 Don't trust free tests paid is the way to go. Symptoms are often placebo effect.

AwakenedSovereign20 2 days ago

@KnowledgeSlayer It's not a theory.. it's a toolkit. Oneitis is sort of like the Been Franklin effect. You invest and invest until it doesn't make sense to do anything except fight like hell for what you've invested.

It's a trick of the mind.

Distance yourself from this girl. Go do things without her.

KnowledgeSlayer 2 days ago

@StrikePrice Theory is all good, but im fighting with myself right now.One of the worst enemies i have.

StrikePrice 2 days ago

@KnowledgeSlayer Hmmm. Interesting way to describe it. External locus of control. Look into solving that. Oneitis is completely in your head and thus you are not “hit by it”. You’re creating it for yourself. To end it, simply let it go.

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