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Location: Toronto
Expertise: None
Age: 19
Max Bench: 150
Max Squat: 150

Relationship Philosophy:

Everything Is permitted because until you meet her kids, husband, or boyfriend they don't exist.


A boy trying to make something of him self.

"You can retake school, you cant retake a party."
Age: 19 | Location: Toronto | None
clavabot 4 days ago

@GayLubeOil Lets call it internalized Misogyny; Sounds more edgy

clavabot 2 weeks ago

@BadBoyProgrammer Spending 1000 Hours doing the thing that get you the thing you want gets you the thing you want

j_arbuckle2012 2 weeks ago

@clavabot It happened because you let it.

You are depressed. You wank it to porn cause you're depressed. You're depressed because you wank to porn.

Break the cycle. Go lift something heavy and get your ass kicked by a trained fighter.

clavabot 2 weeks ago

Spent the whole weekend Watching buttloads of porn, anime, and wasting time. Not sure if this happend because of dormant depression, or im now depressed because of this. If only it was easier to be better.

clavabot 3 weeks ago

@SmoothieMcSmooth How do you plan on fixing your mistakes?

clavabot about a month ago

@Omnidempotent Anything Counter to Left wing Ideology: Enjoying the Decline, Everything by Jack Donovan,Thats just to start, grab physical copy's asap

clavabot about a month ago
clavabot about a month ago

@TheStoicCrane 100% Agree, However some do choose the black pill, I would rater they stay plugged in vs a 'Dark' Awakening

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Rejection is better than Regret

I notice that i can talk, build attraction, lead and, but physically escalating does not come easy to me. Do you have any tips or pointer on how to properly esclate inna non lsolated situation and in isolation?

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She wants to feel small

Saying short guys are fucked eh

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My God... It's Full Of... Kittens.

Thank you for allowing me to read this, praise kek

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She Said, "We're Not Going To Have Sex," Three Times. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

I had no Idea buzzfeed writers were on TRP

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