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Location: Philippines
Age: 22

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."
Age: 22 | Location: Philippines
Gaboyski about a day ago

Spin plates in your 20s and 30s, then settle down in your 40s with a low n-count woman 15-20 years your junior.

Could this be a valid new LTR strategy for Red-Pilled men? It does sound like the polar opposite of the current female strategy of riding the cock carousel and then locking down a beta husband for cash when the Wall hits

tb87670 5 days ago

@Gaboyski Men don't need approval for the right to association. Weak males do. Boy Scouts has been a flailing do-nothing organization since I was born so I never joined, my father says it has been going downhill since the early 70's.

Gaboyski 6 days ago

@TheStoicCrane I read news about an all-girls "Boy Scout" in Ohio. Men are getting abused to the point that they basically need women's approval for the right to association.

Gaboyski about a week ago

@Omnidempotent Never lived in North America or Europe in the first place. But a Third World society without a blatant feminist indoctrination in the media, still doesn't guarantee a redpilled environment.

illacertus about a week ago

@Gaboyski Nah, that was someone who got inspired by my work.

Gaboyski about a week ago

@illacertus Hey man I had watched your series on the 48 Laws of Power before! Are you also the one who did the Art of War animation?

clavabot 2 weeks ago

@Gaboyski I disagree, Men allow women to be the cancer therfore Men are the root problem

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

Watching a video on liberal women getting killed in Third World countries, then stumbled upon this golden comment. To enjoy the decline, or not to enjoy the decline

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

A good example of female hamstering on a large-scale: French women sending nudes to a writer to talked about post-wall women. Link

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 Partly yes, partly no. Yeah the first step in creating the gynocentric society is to have weak-willed men cave in and pass legislations (e.g. giving women the vote), but I could hardly think that the very first feminist is a white knight.

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