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Location: Philippines
Age: 22

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."
Age: 22 | Location: Philippines
perrolo 11 hours ago

@Gaboyski thank you for your suggestion. I have an introductionary notion of the Austrian School and Von Mises, once I create the base I will dive in deeper. Will look into what you mention.

Gaboyski 14 hours ago

@perrolo If you want more TRP-related I suggest reading up on a priori epistemology that underlie Rollo Tomassi's definition of the Red Pill as praxeology, aka the science of human action. If you're leaning into libertarianism that's also the Austrian School approach on economics and the social sciences.

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@CorliameDeux It's a power trip by the feminist admins of the site

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@redpillschool All the counter-argument does is to imply that sluts give more sexual experience to men. Blue-pilled people aren't even aware that all the conditioning they have is detrimental to their personal success.

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil If it isn't a left-wing think tank wanting to stamp out the manosphere. And this is why any man stumbling upon the truths of the Red Pill cannot avoid having to confront the larger conflict of political ideologies that is defining the future of Western society.

Gaboyski about a month ago

@redpillschool I prefer this icon giving off the impression of blue-pilled society controlling the minds of NPCs and labelling red-pill truths as prohibited

Gaboyski about a month ago

Blue-pilled people are practically NPCs

Doctordinglefuck about a month ago

@Gaboyski i disagree. When is the last time you did something selfless? What is our world when everyone is pursuing their own interests?

Gaboyski about a month ago

@Doctordinglefuck I eventually learned that you cannot value all other people equally, and every individual deep down at the core pursues his own self-interests.

Gaboyski about a month ago

Dunno the Chinese but pretty RP meme to me

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