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Location: Philippines
Age: 22

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."
Age: 22 | Location: Philippines
Gaboyski 11 hours ago

@Doctordinglefuck I eventually learned that you cannot value all other people equally, and every individual deep down at the core pursues his own self-interests.

Gaboyski about a day ago

Dunno the Chinese but pretty RP meme to me

Gaboyski about a week ago
Gaboyski about a week ago

@javiercer20 I bet the girl is a Barça fan

GayLubeOil about a week ago

@Gaboyski Joe Rogan is a hedonist degenerate who can only understand religious fundamentalism via the perspective of his own Hollywood degeneracy. Solipsism

Gaboyski about a week ago

@GayCuck Joe Rogan said something about how booty is so tempting a man would be willing to blow himself up, but not woman would do the same for dicks

Chaddeus_Rex about a week ago

@Gaboyski everyone in EE uses VK. Vk is great, free porn, music, videos, minimal censorship

Gaboyski about a week ago

@ausruinen There are alternative sites already in existence such as VK and Minds. Problem is, the overwhelming majority of Internet users are too much comfortable with using existing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, you name it) for many other purposes, that they won't see any reason to move out.

RedBarbell about a week ago

@Gaboyski same, gonna take time

Gaboyski about a week ago

@redpillschool Haven't visited the sub since the quarantine, I really wish an increase in interaction in this forum

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