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Location: Philippines
Age: 22

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster."
Age: 22 | Location: Philippines
Gaboyski about a week ago

@GayLubeOil When dank memes give more meaning to philosophy

redhead 3 weeks ago

@Gaboyski Can you explain what that is?

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

@redhead Did you experience the cheerleader effect when approaching groups of girls?

Gaboyski 3 weeks ago

"I must decide for myself. I possess free will and moral agency. At the end of the day no one else is gonna tell me what right choices do I have to make."

tb87670 about a month ago

@Gaboyski Shove through the noise and the manifesto that guy made was a mess. This is done so law enforcement and intel wastes time chasing dead ends. He possibly has law enforcement experience to do this. Something else is happening the the background while that NZ PM puts on a hijab and the news only sees the hot-button issues.

Gaboyski about a month ago

@RedRum He has no genuine concern for the crisis threatening Western culture. European nationalists are already at a disadvantage of being labelled as bigots, why would one of them further harm his own cause by shooting up Muslims? Plus he says he's a fan of China, which equally opposes the West. This reeks of a false flag attack.

clavabot about a month ago

@Gaboyski Its not that hard to believe

Gaboyski about a month ago

@GayLubeOil The tinfoil hat in me thinks that the NZ flag was a false flag to further promote the elites' divide et impera plan. The killer's beliefs were simply too incoherent for him to be fairly categorized into one camp. And only the SJW left and their media benefit from the social divide which the killer intended.

tb87670 about a month ago

@Gaboyski Left and right is a misnomer. Fascism and Communism were both a collectivist ethos. Many people say Nazi's and Spain were fascist right-wing when in fact they had a lot in common with the USSR and nothing in common with the US or Trump. TRP is about individualism much like the founding fathers in the US intended.

Gaboyski about a month ago

I could be making an inaccurate generalization here from my previous status but it appears that TRP is at odds on all quadrants of the political chart. (The progressive Left is a given as that they explicitly push for feminism and their political success are what led to the gynocentric society we have today)

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