Everything that happens to women in relationships and regarding relationships is entirely their fault.

Now, we can say the same of men, but society doesn't allow men to be eternal victims - men are expected to be accountable for not only their actions, but the actions of others. Onto the topic.

When you see a pretty girl complain about the men in her past, never forget that she chose those men out of the pool of men that were attracted to her. Did she choose the nice, stable guy? No. Did she choose the nerdy guy with a bright future? No. Did she choose the hard working man who spends more time at work that he does at home? No.

She saw those men and said "no thank you, I want something else in my life" and chose the (as Saint Kevin would say) "convicts and ass-whoopers".

Pretty women attract all kinds of men. It is the woman's choice of what man she allows in her life. When they complain about their baby daddy (never "husband"), all you should hear is "this is the kind of man that I chose to bear children for" and give them zero sympathy. Moreover, do not allow them to lie about a change in their preferences. No... Their preferences haven't changed, their circumstances have and they will eagerly go back to the very kind of men that they're "done playing games" with if the opportunity presents itself.

When you see an ugly girl complain about not being able to attract a man, what she is really saying is "I'm unable to attract the level of man I feel I deserve." This woman's sins are twofold: she has demands that she won't relinquish, and she is unwilling to do the things to be able to make those demands. Doing either one would solve her problem.

The problem that most women who fall into this category have is that they are unwilling to develop in the ways that men tell them are important. We tell women "lose the weight" and they respond by saying "I'll make more money." We tell women "don't be a bitch", and they respond by saying "I've got a doctorate". We tell women "be feminine if you want a masculine man" and they opt to throw ass as a substitute. Women don't want to do the work of becoming what men want, but rather demand that men desire what they're choosing to become.

So when you see a woman mewling about her relationship woes, remember that she's in a situation of her own making.