Introduction to basics:

Women don't want good men, they want men who are good at being men. What good men are.

The maturity myth.

On Alpha bucks, epiphany phase and the maturity myth phenomenon.

Evolutionary maladaptations or how moths and women are alike.

Romantic love as the basis for relationship/marriage.

Mmv, rmv, smv - A Primer.

On attraction and arousal.

One vs One and Only.

On traditional women.

On single mothers.


The importance of balance.

It Doesn't Matter That "Men Do It Too!"

Culture and female sexuality:

Sexual utopia in power by Devlin - A foundational document.

Men don't redpill men, women redpill men.

The True Nature of Women by Roosh.

The Weakened Signal - one reason why women aren't finding "Good Men".

How Women Select For Marriage And What Marriage Is Now.

Raising feral females.

Over civilized men, under civilized women by Dalrock.

Commitment is the currency of the dating realm.

Takers and receivers.

Boys on the side.

Women as Inept (or Malicious) Gatekeepers of Male Rites-of-Passage.

The Interchangeability Of The Western Father.

When you think you've landed yourself an Alpha Bucks but he is nothing more than a manipulative Alpha Fucks.

Anonymous reveals his thoughts on why women chase after 'Chad' and his reasons for going his own way despite being highly desirable by them.

Female Personal Branding Tactics

The Facts About Female Fertility.

The Child support catastrophe by Dalrock.

The Chinese Finger Trap.

The Truth Behind the Increasing Social and Economic Disparity of Modern Society and Why Good Men Are The First To Leave.

Why African Americans seem naturally redpilled.

Dating & Marriages from a Male perspective:

A new bill of rights.

Yes, I am judging you.

Because I want to.

You don’t owe her anything.

Michael’s story.

Why men are withdrawing from courtship.

Men are wasting their time.

More and more women are asking why they can’t find a good man by Wintery Knight.

If women want more good men, why do so many of them reward bad behavior and punish bad behavior?

Good men want consistent women.

Good men are not interested in drama and bullshit.

Men are tired of being husbands by proxy for no benefits.

Bullet dodged.

Why Online dating sucks (Hint: It’s a feature, not a bug).

Public Service Announcement: Be on the Lookout for Predatory Women Seeking "Assistance".

Women Helping Women Become More Predatory and Vicious isn't A Good Dating Strategy for Men or Women.

Dangerous Women: Physically Attractive Women in their 30s.

How to spot damaged women in dating.

The Woman who is Damaged Through No Fault of Her Own is Still Damaged and Should be Avoided. Don't Be Shamed Into Involvement With the Damaged Woman.

Don't Forget These Key Items. What Men Are, What Women Are, How It Works.

Women believe that good men should be grateful for the opportunity to marry a post wall woman.

Why Men Should Not Take Advice From Women.

Relationship burdens: It's a man's job to sell a woman on sex. It's a woman's job to sell the man on everything else.

Deep down inside women just want get married. Too bad, so sad.

A letter from a mom to a future daughter in law.

The back burner plan.

Respect - Find out what it means to me.

Kittens and cats.

Follow the Foundation of Freedom, Lead a Life of Luxury.

It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month...Another reason why the good men have left the dating/marriage marketplace.

The warmth and security felt from control or the runaway dumpster fire if left in the hands of greedy men and women.

How the Female "Romantic Wish List" for Men Corrupts the Functionality of HR by Captain Capitalism.

Apparently women are not getting married due to a lack of "economically-attractive men".

The costs of playerhood by Aaron Clarey.

The perils of polygamy and the allure it inspires on players.

The truth about single mothers who bring young children to the dating market.

Stories and examples:

A classic story that is worth reading once a year: Drive Thru Boyfriend by Solomon II.

"But you're a good man", she said.

Independence should be mentioned and celebrated.

The story of Bradley.

Aldabruzzo's Story Part 1, Part 2.

A Postmortem Analysis of my Online Dating Experience.

The German Shepherd Story.

Cooking for my Ex-Fiancée: A hard-won Red Pill lesson.

Womanese to English.