(All issues related to WhereAreAllTheGoodMen will be posted on this thread.)

Initial testing on WhereAreAllTheGoodMen is good. Posting works fine, no obvious errors, decent layout though I was expecting it to look more like old TRP.

Following are some issues I came across. I'm sure many of these are already on the to-do list, just reporting my findings. I'm on PC:

  • I can't edit the sidebar. Clicking 'Settings' goes to the Tribe settings, but the sidebar content there doesn't replicate to the forum.

  • I can't modify or remove a post after it's posted, nor can I create/change flair, nor sticky posts.

  • We only allow link posts and want to restrict text posts for members.

  • I can see post images just fine by clicking "Preview" for the post on the main forum page, but when I click to the comments for the post, the image doesn't appear there.

  • I can't leave a comment on a post. I type in a comment, click 'post reply', the screen refreshes, but no comment appears.

  • The post title only accepts 75 characters instead of 300.