Tl;Dr : I was long time blue pilled, learned rp while I pulled in a HB9 plate half my age.. , first she was fwb, then ltr, now demoted to fb (over a period of 2 years), now I'm out of a fog, realised she's fed me a load of crap. I'd let it go but she's still an option to bang and has got strong ASD working, claims she's still a virgin (we've done everything, including anal but no intercourse). Should I let on clearly that "I know and don't give a shit, so let's bang?" Will that remove her ASD completely? I don't care if she/plate breaks permanently.

Long story : I'm 45 and 2 years ago, coming out of a divorce, managed to gain the attention of a very hot 21 year old easily hb8 or 9 category and insecure as fuck. We're both Asians, in a 3rd Asian country and everything about us and around is culturally tinged with religion and conservatism. I gave off the vibe of being a "been there done that" gentleman and she lapped up the older guy vibe. But she played my blue pill early frame well, sliding into the "oooh, I'm innocent, I've never done this before" role. Eventually found out she's been in an on/off again ltr fwb type situation with a dude in his late 30s till a month before we met up.

She maintained throughout that she's a virgin and that she needs to save up for marriage (and here I'm wondering if she put me in the "provider" role or was it general ASD? ). I've never been the provider, we shared all costs and she's always lived with her parents. She's never had the intention that we'd marry. All along we had freaky sexy times, kept her interest high as I was learning RP while doing - but definitely slipped into my blue pill conditioning throughout.

Eventually, we were together a lot and she gained a lot of value and time (and orgasms) from me. I had the beauty of, and sexy times with a woman who was definitely noteworthy where we live, so I was fine with that. I played nice guy at times and had to course correct a lot. Started calling me daddy, 3 months in. Times were good.

Fast forward 1.5 years, to a few months ago and she's hanging out for drinks with college dudes after college was over (3 or 4 times as far as I know) and initiating contact with other interesting guys on social. And telling me about it to ease her guilt I guess. This was usually followed by drama and then great make up "sexy times" . Vehemently denies hooking up or any hanky panky, says she's a loyal "one guy girl". Said she's committed even though there's no future for us. No problemo, I'm getting regular BJs and other sexual favours (except intercourse). But there's drama, she's thrown me off center a few times by banging on about how she's not fucking around and yet hiding DMs , deleting texts, and even mentioning the ex hitting her up hard a few times.

Latest drama (3 weeks ago) was she needs to end things because she's talking to a potential fiancee through family and doesn't want to feel like a slut (at the same time, she promises the ex that if she ever breaks up with me, she'll be in touch...she said she said that to be "nice" to him. Both stories check out, I managed to find out thru her fone)

I decided to execute a very cold soft next, thanks Alpha 2.0 /blackdragon - excellent material there. finally learnt how to apply it and did it. Within a week she wants to see me, I ignore her, then she reaches out a few more times, I call her to a hotel and, with hesitation, she comes and we have freaky sexy times. I tried to initiate sex but she cringed away, we both bust in our usual way with each other. I know I can keep doing this for months if I wanted.

However, I want to have intercourse with her. She's probably had it before or is already doing it with the ex she's gotten together with (unless she's also pulled in a new guy which she's perfectly capable of since she has many orbiters). I don't care either way, just that I'm pretty certain it's going on and her virgin game is just for me and guys she wants to maintain "good girl" image with.

I've got 1 other plate (she's in my age range and has strong ASD as well) and I'm working on building a pipeline, it's not easy where I am. I've improved SMV tremendously in the past year. Lost weight, in excellent shape - probably the fittest I've been my entire life, improved my style, become more outgoing and confident and applied RP as I learnt. Kept the HB9 off center many many times.

I might have had Oneitis for her but I'm too jaded to care either way. If I got her, I can get others. I can block her and be butt hurt about her cheating, deceiving me and lying and branch swinging, or I could continue to see her once in a while and enjoy her body while she cheats on a distant fiancee or her current branch she thinks she replaced me with. I'm radio silent for 2 weeks except for the few hours at the hotel.

So, the question is: shall I let her know nonchalantly that "yeah, you're playing and I don't care, now let's bang" (and how do I execute? ) , which is most likely going to get her response of "I'm not a bitch, I've always been loyal, you're accusing me of cheating and lying" (which she's totally done before) and she'll probably ghost me for 2 to 4 days (she's never managed more than 48 to 72 hours without reaching out to me). Or shall I just carry on with the cold, soft next with occasional meet ups to have fun (she puts on this whole "I feel sad, I feel guilty, I miss you, I love you" shenanigans. But no major drama or huge issues otherwise)

By the way, yes, reading the sidebar. Yes, training. Yes, spinning up plates. Yes, on my grind. As stephiscold would say, "I wanna buuuuuh" to cap this awesome run.