I guess kinda building on my last question.

You see all those dumbass 30+ yo broads talkin about “where are all the good men” but then what about the fellas that don’t get married in early 20s?

I’ve been acutely aware of like divorce n shit from a young age (even though my parents thankfully never did) and I made my peace w the idea of not getting hitched till later in life. Mainly due to the way laws are written; as said often in redpill it’s a losing deal for the guys.

But is this going to be weird? If im like 36/37/38 years old or even 40-42 years old by the time I’m ready to settle down and let’s say I’ve been in an LTR w some chick in her early 20s… won’t her parents object or something? Is this the new norm in life?

Sorry I’m just hamstering right now