Gave commitment to a girl 2 months ago after she asked me to be exclusive. Ive definitely been an insecure bitch lately asking about her N count, if she has been honest about it etc.. She first told me some discrepancies when she expressed how she always used protection with her last bf of two years etc.. one night she ended up saying they had sex in a jacuzzi where the condom half slipped off (this was true verified through her friend via text 3-4 months ago that was still in her phone) She then stated that there was probably about less than a handful of times they didnt use protection.. I moved on from this and let it slide..

Fast forward two days ago, shes telling me she loves me and how she wants to be with me forever etc.. I asked her again if she has done anything with anyone and nows the time to tell me going forward (i asked her multiple times within a months time and she always claimed she was being honest).. she says she wants to be honest.. essentially she sucked off one dude and kissed another... the dude she sucked off was married and she was 21 and he told her he was getting a divorce etc this was 4 years ago.. she said they never fucked etc... she even called him while crying to prove it.. they dont keep in contact... etc... she ended up explaining it was such a traumatic event because she never thought she would be a mistress and how it had ruined her life .. after this she ended up with her boyfriend of 2 years..

So far other than this she is a great girlfriend... sucks my dick when I want, she never denies me sex, shares her location with me, goes from work straight to my place.. pretty much lives with me.. cleans my entire apartment.. introduced me to her father ( he cheated on her mother... my girlfriend and her father talk frequently) and friends.. tells everyone at work about me.. post me all over her social media, told me about a guy at work who randomly hit on her and how she shut it down..

I obviously know lying is frowned upon... but is this one of those situations where is this the standard "white lie" they all tell... is this something I can tell her next time you lie to me this over? or just end it now?

it should be noted.. my N count isnt low.. I could definitely improve my mindset when it comes to abundance... while hooking up is fun and having ONS etc.. I do find LTRs more appealing

thank you all.

TLDR - Girlfriend lied about sexual past.. other than that submissive and does everything an LTR should do in my opinion. Cooks, cleans, comes from work straight to my place, goes to church, has a small group of nerdy friends, shares location etc. called out of work the last two days to plead her case to me