Askhole Poster Flairs

As many of you have probably noticed, there are at times users who have patterns of posting where they never bother to fix their shit after receiving countless hours of advice on their posts.

It usually (but not always) tends to go like this:

They make an account, maybe even lurk before posting, and then post what looks like a good faith post. But post after post it becomes abundantly clear that they have no intention of taking the advice given, thus wasting good faith commenters' time and with bad faith posts.

Bad faith posting need not be on purpose. Asking a community questions and then ignoring the advice given from people more experienced than you or who have been in your shoes is by definition bad faith, especially when you fuck up in forewarned fashion


I am introducing askhole user flairs so that before you even see a post, you have the benefit of transparency of whether to devote your precious time on a post that is likely to be a verified time waster because OP won't fix their shit

Getting Flaired

If you get advice, and you do not take it, post after post, when you have all the entire manosphere at your disposal and the valuable time of more experienced users answering your specific problem, you're gonna get flaired.

You'll get a mod warning first unless you're being particularly retarded and/or combative in the comments

How to get UnFlaired

If you get slapped with an askhole flair, start actually taking the advice you asked for, you askhole.

Then a mod will remove your askhole badge

"I have an alt bro, you cant..."

Fuck your alt, I'll flair it too

"But I didn't mean to..."

No excuses, especially if you got a warning, refer to this announcement

The Flairs


The askhole, the basic unifying root of all of these flairs

The user posts their question(s) post after post and never actually takes the advice. Their follow up posts always make it abundantly clear they don't take the advice on their previous post(s).

This is the biggest askhole of all, they do this on ALL problems they post about

Didn't Read Sidebar

Similar to the askhole, the didn't read the Sidebar bro comes in posts or asks questions in such a way that it is clear they didn't read the sidebar. The dead giveaway is the butchering of basic RP concepts, doing things plainly advised against in the sidebar, or evident they have not unplugged

These askholes expect users to spoon-feed basic RP sidebar knowledge into them instead of reading it themselves. Most (but not all) are brand new accounts that claim they read the sidebar, but if that were the case, wouldn't have posted their post suggesting otherwise

Has Oneitis

This askhole has one particular girl he always posts about. 95% of the time it isn't even his girlfriend, much less a girl he's even banged yet. These posts are bad faith because OP knows the answers but won't mentally accept them because "muh unicorn/muh only option"

99 Problems

The lateral cousin of the askhole. This one is more insidious because they have a new problem every time, so you can't actually notice them being an askhole by virtue of not knowing if advice was ever taken on their old problem(s)

Won't Improve

This kind of askhole is always asking why women don't like him in SMV posts. They always let it slip that they won't lift, improve their style, socialize, advance their career, nor any litany of things other users have advised them to improve on ad nauseum

Reaps & Sows

These askholes consistently fuck up their lives with all manners of drama imaginable, and then wonder why their lives suck. They tell us in every post what their involvement is in these problems, and often how they started it, but keep being retards anyway

Needs Therapy

OP has problems that transcend any possible RP advice that could be given. Even after receiving eloquent comments from solid and outpouring community support, and the most hopeful "you've got this dude" comments imaginable, decides to still ignore it. This kind of askhole will only find peace in therapy, yet refuses to get it.

Suspected Troll

This askhole is probably a troll. There is not necessarily enough evidence to ban them but their repeated retardation usually drives an unusually high amount of post engagement. Best not to engage them, especially if it's consistently sus

Doesn't Go Well

This kind of askhole, even if his questions aren't inherently bad, and follows the advice given, is just a dick to everyone that gives him advice. He can't reply to most people without a brazen lack of gratitude for the help

Beware, even if you don't post questions, but routinely act like a dick in the comments, you'll get flaired with this one, too


The LARPer is the kind of poster that repeatedly has a ton of questions about basic game, trivial situations, and relatively beginner-esque questions despite claiming to be a high SMV Chad pulling women all the time, having a roster, or other braggadocious accomplishments.

The very fact that they are asking n00b questions despite allegedly being Chad Thunderfucks is what makes them a LARPer. Poster is likely either faking it for internet points or is genuinely retarded about the basics and somehow managing to successfully fail upwards.

List and flair names may evolve over time *