To the newbies, version of Whereareallthegoodmen (WAATGM) is strictly to showcase and to laugh at women who exercise and (fail at) dual-mating strategy. While there are some exceptions to this central theme (see weekend content rules), this is what most of our content will be focused on.

Any questions or conversations related to the topic should be redirected to the WAATGM tribes where someone might be interested in helping you out. Any posts that do not follow this rule will get their posts removed and the user might be banned after a few violations.

Additionally, you can use whereallthegoodmenare( WATGMA) forums to share your stories of going your own way (whether it be mgtow or redpill) and your analysis on why women end up asking the WAATGM question. Similar to Waatgm tribes, you should redirect your questions to WATGMA tribes.

Link to the tribes: