For years now WAATGM has focused mainly on women's dual-mating strategy and unreasonable standards. There are several reasons why it's setup this way, such as helping decent men guard their commitment, and to show the consequences of women's poor dating behavior.

But women's dual-mating nature and unreasonable standards are only a few aspects of the "Where are all the good men" subject. There are other legitimate reasons why many women can't find a good man, why good men are avoiding commitment to low-value women, and why many men are not getting married. We aim to explore these additional reasons further.

Every Saturday, we are expanding our content to showcase the type of low-value profiles and social media posted by women that men see on a daily basis. Here are some of the new content we're allowing and what you can expect to see:

On the social media side:

As a condition, Shitpost Saturday need not fit rule 5, but it must include some element of the woman being rude, unreasonable, indecent, trashy, or basically displaying poor behavior and traits that would make her unworthy of serious commitment. Content that's generic, uninteresting, or posted because the woman is merely fat, post-wall or ugly will be removed.

We believe that this new content will further explain why good men are guarding their commitment and resources, and hopefully to help women become good relationship material by not becoming like the women posted here.