Hopefully we all know by now that equality is a bullshit concept that doesn't exist. However, you probably also know that struhng indoopeindynt whamynZ contribute equally to a relationSHIT.

You may be wondering: how on God's green earth, can they ever delude themselves into thinking that they contribute equally to a relationship while also wanting to be taken care of?

It often comes down to a simple discrepancy in how we measure our contributions to the marriage.

About 10 years ago, I read the book - men are from Mars, women are from Venus. While I don't remember every last point, I do remember this one. Paraphrasing here.

Everyone subconsciously keeps score of their contributions and the contributions of their spouse. When things get too imbalanced, resentment may build.

Men and women have different ways of measuring their contributions. Men measure based on the bottom line, women measure based on the effort.

For example, if a man lands a massive deal that nets $50,000 - he will see this as 50,000 "points" for him. She will see it as only 1 point for him. Because he did only 1 thing, he made the sale. By the same token, she will view her doing the laundry, washing the dishes and making supper as 3 different things. **She will therefore see these contributions as more valuable to the marriage as his $50,000 sale. She will consider HERSELF as the one who did more for the marriage.

You may be scratching your head and spitting out your coffee right now. How in the world can she see her few simple tasks as more valuable when your $50,000 in a single sale is objectively more beneficial to the family???

You think this way because you're forgetting that:

Objectivity is a muh soggy knees stick tool of the patriarchy!!!

To her, the 15 tasks she did around the house feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelz more valuable than your 1 item of working all day. That's why she'll likely paint her contributions as this and that and the other and something else and and and and and...... while painting your contributions as a single thing or a few little things.

And now you know....

This is yet another reason why men are saying no thanks. Because men are sick of dealing with entitled, unappreciative cunts who have laundry lists of demands, who offer little to no value, who think they're the ones contributing more....

Good men are sick of such bullshit.