Preface: where does marriage come from?

If humans only engaged in sex, whenever, however and with whomever they desired - we'd have hookup culture on steroids. We'd passionately fuck for as long as it lasted, then we'd go our separate ways.

If we did this, humanity would be extinct long ago. Because:

Women cannot survive on their own. Children cannot survive on their own. Male attention would be almost entirely consumed by competition for a mate.

Just these 3 factors alone, would quickly send humanity into the stone age and would have all women and children die off within a few years!

Therefore, wise humans long long ago, invented the concept of marriage, wherein women trade in their sexual exclusivity for male investment in them and the subsequent children.

In other words: women give exclusive sexual access to one man for life, in exchange for being protected and provided for by said man for life.

Under this system, a woman must be sexually exclusive to her man, but he does not need to be sexually exclusive to her. As long as he can afford to take care of his women, he can have multiple wives. This has been the case through much of history.

Second preface: where does monogamy come from?

The problem with this system is that many women will flock to the few men who are wealthy and powerful. Resulting in a large number of men who are left without any women at all.

If you live in a system in which you can brutalize, enslave or kill these men - it can work to have polygamous harems described above.

However, this will result in a turbulent, tumultuous and violent society. Where increasingly larger groups of disenfranchised men, grow ever more resentful and try to overthrow the whole system.

Therefore, wise humans long long ago, invented the concept of monogamy. These humans came many generations after the humans who invented marriage itself, but they too, were a very long time ago.

How monogamy ACTUALLY works

Marriage itself is unnatural. It is a conscious choice, to choose long term gain over short term tingles. A lifelong commitment of responsibility, to make it happen.

"It" being sex for women and investment for men.

Responsibility is a tool of the patriarchy!!! Responsibility is misogyny!!!

To spell it out more clearly: by getting married, a woman is promising to give her man a lifetime of sex, children and some housework - in exchange of being taken care of for the rest of her life.

Just as he is responsible for doing his part regardless of his mood, so too is she responsible for doing her part regardless of her mood. Such is the nature of responsibility.

Retarded ideas surrounding monogamy

Today's women see this responsibility as rape. Because if she isn't in the mooooooooooooood, it's rape!

However, if he isn't in the mood of paying for her entitled ass, it's financial abuse.

Furthermore, she expects to slut it up during her years of peak beauty and fertility - making it impossible for her to offer any exclusivity to him, as her pussy has already been plowed by dozens of men in her past. Yet, she still expects to LvLuP to a hVm who will still give her, his full investment.

And if he sleeps with another woman, he will be considered to be the biggest monster there is.


Women want the freedom to slut it up to their heart's desire, while also expecting full male investment in them.

It doesn't work that way.

Foe starters, you aren't giving him exclusive and unlimited sexual access. You therefore don't deserve his exclusive and unlimited investment.

But even if you did give him exclusive and unlimited sexual access and you were the perfect wife - you'd only deserve to be fully taken care of. You still don't deserve monogamy.

And if you say that your religion demands monogamy - I bet your religion also demands that wives be submissive to their husbands and to be responsible for giving them regular sex.

You want it both ways, but reality won't let you have it both ways.

Reality is a tool of the patriarchy!!!

Get a cat and die alone. You don't deserve a man. A man definitely does not deserve to eat your shit.