Hey Red Pill Community

@redpillschool has added me to the mod team for the entire site. My role (apart from also being a regular user myself) is to Enforce Content Policy, prevent Spam, and prevent site-wide Intentional Trolling

Site-Wide Content Policy: https://www.trp.red/p/trp/99

This community has meant a lot to me since I first discovered it in late December of 2016 and I want to repay the community by inspiring confidence that spam, overt trolling, and anti-male study links get deleted off the forums quickly.

I will also put in an effort to sticky popular and and excellent comments on posts so that such comments can be better recognized for their contribution and more easily found by users.

The main RedPill tribe will be moderated for better quality I will aim to give OPs a fair heads up if they should stick to the AskTRP tribe for posting, which is better suited for new users and new to TRP

It's an honor @redpillschool and thank you to every one else who has been contributing to the site and helping men achieve their goals