Hi All,

My LTR has just moved into University, while I am 19 and studying an Apprenticeship, we will not be able to see each other as much due to schedules and that of the sorts.

I will cut to the chase, it is the first day that she has moved in, and she has made girl friends already, I helped her move and can confirm she's only living with girls.

They've just invited her out to drinks at one of their friend's places, and my girlfriend has asked me if this is okay.

Obviously it's not cool with me which is why I am posting here, but I am having trouble discerning if this is a Shit Test or anything of the sorts. I have read and browsed TRP far and wide, and have also heard Rollo talking about the classic situation of a girlfriend going out for a "girls night" and him saying, "do what you want" and then leaving her bags outside.

I guess I'm fucking autistic in this regard, is it really that black and white? Is the relationship over already at this point if she is testing my frame? Is she testing my frame? I guess I'm asking is it possible for her asking me this to be a genuine question or should I cut my losses?

On one hand I can understand wanting to make new friends and drinking is a good way to do that in a brand new University that you're just moving into, or is that my blue pill self talking? I am so conditioned in this way of thinking sometimes, I find myself having to re-swallow the pill to really digest it, constantly coming back to The Red Pill. I will always do this though, I appreciate everyone here no matter the criticism, I've learned a lot.

Please share your thoughts, I'm interested in them.