there's an attractive girl in my social circle; she's been showing me lots of IOIs but I haven't acted on it yet. my buddy had this to say: "she's obviously very attracted to you on a primal level, but it's like she thinks she's above you in status/financially", which is weird, because she's a college student that doesn't work and lives off loans - or at least that's what we thought. a couple of days ago, a guy comes up to me and shows me her profile on an expensive escort website - the ones where guys buy them expensive gucci bags, take them on trips and sometimes not even fuck them.

nobody else in our social circle knows this about her - she moved to my city half a year ago. do you think i probably have no chance, since at best i can only afford a coffee date? or should i still ask her out, acting unaware of her little side-business (tomassi rule #8)? have you ever plated a sex worker?