Got RP'ed the hard way when I got divorced at 30 (married at 22). Although I never cheated and never abused my ex in anyway there were several reg-flags that I overlooked. I understand where things went wrong and accept responsibility for my decision.

I (m 46) focused on myself and eventually moved to a conservative South American Country. I did the Passport Bros thing without realizing there was such a thing.

When I moved to this new country in 2017 I had a ready made friend group in my religious community. I met several nice woman but was so traumatized by my previous LTR / divorce experience that at the time I was considering going MGTOW. While there was no real interest on my part I exchange phone numbers with one woman but I did not think of her again.

So one day I got a text from her inviting me to a Zumba class she was going to host. I later found out that she is professionally trained dancer that has danced competitively and won awards. Her classes were enjoyable and I went three times a week to help reduce my weight and get some aerobic activity.

Fast forward to New Years 2020, just prior to the Pandemic going hard globally. I went to a super party and meet the family hosting the event and their daughter was my Zumba instructor. There was a bit of conversation between us but nothing spectacular. About a week later I got a texted photo from her showing her sitting on a bench that had two lighted angel wings with her palms raised above her head to the right and left. At this point I realized that she has a thing for me.

We texted a bit and did some Zoom meetings to talk face to face. This far I have been able to gather the following information about her:

She holds the same conservative religious beliefs that I do. She is 44 and she states that she is a virgin (not a born-again virgin) and her virginity (hymen) is intact. She had had 4 serious boyfriends in the past and says that the extent of her physical relationship was kissing and hold hands. She says that on two occasions two different boyfriends tried to trick her into sex but she rejected them firmly thus leading to the end of the relationships. She has an Engineering degree in IT and has worked professionally in a local university for many years. She chose to not renew her work contract in 2017 and moved to an area several hours away to serve in missionary style volunteer work until the end of 2019. She is fully aware of my previous relationship circumstances as well as the events that led to my divorce. She is not by any means conventionally attractive. Nevertheless getting to know her in an in-depth way has revealed that she is a decent person and has a sensitive heart. She has a 1950's mindset about a woman's place in the family (actually typical for the people of her country). She is comfortable that with me she will not have any children (vasectomy). She is completely debt free. When I need to leave the country for a few weeks for family reasons she pays my bills and manages my money in an exemplary way. Although we have not had any kind of sexual intercourse (including use of hands, oral or anal) it is obvious through our expressions of affection such as hand-holding, hugging, massages, caressing non-intimate areas etc. that we are sexually compatible. She gets embarrassed often because on several occasions she has gotten wet to the point that it shows through her panties and leggings.

She is not without her flaws; she has been passive-aggressive. We had several conversations about the matter and it actually stopped (I was pleasantly surprised). She can be jealous about they way other women act towards me. Being considered a wealthy North American (although I don't see it that way) with a US passport makes me a constant target of many local girls and women looking for a relationship. Moreover, she is in aspects a woman with all the typical difficulties that come with dealing with her gender.

I do not want to make the same mistakes that I did with my ex. I have read and tried to apply RP ideology to this current relationship. Additionally, by mutual decision our relationship will remain virtuous and there will be no sexual contact until marriage.

So here is where I need your help, what might I be overlooking? I can filter what I need from what I don't. I am looking for everyone's comments and ideas. If there are any other considerations that I have not taken into account let me know. Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Edit: I am going to use this relationship as a scientific experiment to test certain ideas and try out new ones. I will post at intervals as is permitted by the moderators. Next Post will be about the next steps if any in this LTR. Thank you everyone for your input.