So recently, college has been going decently. I was sick last week but am hanging out with my neighbor soon. I’ve since been scoping out campus and I’ve noticed some seriously hot chicks that no one approaches or talks to. A lot of them are just there alone, eating or waiting for the bus staring aimlessly.

Now that I’m feeling better, I want to get my plate roster going again since I haven’t had a solid one in almost a year. I should be getting into a frat aswell, but to be completely honest: I’m not too keen at the frat guys at my school. They’re ok, but not guys I’d really be friends with. I am also very confident in my ability to go out to bars and clubs to dance with chicks but I haven’t been successful with hook ups. Maybe I’m playing things too safe but idk, I haven’t been to the bar in a week.

My problem is: I don’t want to develop a reputation for cold approaching women. I get if I start sarging in a certain spot where everyone will notice, that will be an obvious bad thing. I recently have been talking to girls from my class and they all see me as a friend because they all mention their boyfriend mid convo (happened twice).

Not to mention, I’ve been getting iois like crazy on the bus. This one girl was staring me down whenever I looked at her. She started playing with her hair and everything. Gets off the bus and I approach her and say “hi :)” and she smiles too with good body language like “thanks for the approach” but she had a boyfriend. I smiled and wished her a good day. I’ve become way more ballsy than I was before because I gave up porn and masturbation. I haven’t busted a nut in 3 weeks and I refuse to unless it’s sex. It’s making me much more aggressive and fearless, I’d catch myself saying “eh, what the fuck is the worst that can happen?” And “I deserve SEX (not from anyone in particular but you get my point)”.

Should I still cold approach on college campuses? Everyone else here is wayyyy too dorky to even attempt talking to girls so I think that’s the norm around here.