So Im dominant down to every detail in the bedroom, hence why i ask this question..

I saw one of my plates a few days ago. We went two rounds, and I was getting ready to leave. As I was putting on my jeans she grabbed them away from me in a cute way, and I was confused. She told me she wanted to have sex one more time. So I lay down to recharge a bit, just chill... watching TV and listening to music.

Within a few minutes she starts sucking my dick and it doesnt get fully hard yet because going 3 times in 45-60 minutes is a tough task. I need maybe like 10 minutes at minimum. But i never turn down a blowjob. As im lying down I tell her that i need to chill for like 10 more minutes and she agrees. She then gets up to sit on my face as im already laying down after the blowjob, and i start eating her out.

I also dont turn down pussy in my face, and I do enjoy eating her out in particular because she has a pretty pussy and a nice scent/taste. She also knows I love eating her out in particular because i tell her this all the time, that sometimes girls dont taste good or have a scent, and she seems really flattered that i like eating her out. Anyways After 10 minutes She ends up "cumming" although im never 100% sure since some girls do fake it, and shes happy after.

Not sure if that was a weird shit test though, that i somehow submitted to her facesitting me. Like a real dom would have told her to wait, or that i dont do oral in X position, or whatever. It didnt feel beta at the time but i could admit that it didnt feel super dominant either, felt neutral to me, because my frame was not thinking it was submitting in the bedroom.

Does small shit like this make girls think youre beta? I know they are very covert. I also have general knowledge of facesitting and some girls admit it is what dommes do (girls who dominate male betas lol). But i also know not to be this gung-hoe alpha that has to be dominant in 100/100 situations that presents itself, because thats cringy too.

I honestly dont view it that way, i saw it as her initiating sex and wanting to get off with me once more when my dick wasnt working. I actually view it as a compliment to my tongue game, considering i havent been suuuper good at giving oral in the past because i didnt enjoy it that much. I only liked it recently once it became a sexual strength/asset of mine

Anyone know how to read into this situation?