Okay. So a couple weeks ago I taught my boy (guy friend) how to country swing. I invited our mutual friend over and a chick I was just good dance partners with. It was a lot of fun. A girl I liked couldn't originally make it.

I scheduled another one on a day the chick I'm into could make it, and then proceeded to spam out invites to some of my boys and other chicks.

Long story short, two other prospects were invited amongst all the girls invited. At least 1 is coming, so 2/3 prospects are confirmed going. All three are kind of touchy with me so I have no idea how any will act towards me there

I'm mostly going to have split attention because everyone is going to want me to demonstrate moves and stuff. I shouldn't get sucked into to interacting with one more than the other. Any tips or comments on how to juggle this without them inadvertently breaking each other as prospects?

(Went on a date with one of them months ago and accidentally conveyed relationship intent when I was actually just dtf. She rejected me but has started being physical again and apparently giving me fuck me eyes from the dance floor)

P.S. part of my rational here of having them over is so that they have familiarity and fun at my place and it gets easier to pull them in the future. Plus I'll have clout and social proof with the kind of gathering I'm hosting