Yo, a few weeks back I posted this thread that I wanna give you an update on:


I did it and went on with the story. She texted me eventually and met at the club a few days ago. She was all over me once again, even though she was cold af through text. Started telling me once again how much she values our time spent together and our talks. We kissed a few times and got to my place after the party, but nothing other than kissing happened since we were both so tired and so fucking drunk. Two days after I text her if she wants to come to my place again for drinks; she replies 'maybe we can' but then she ghosts again lmfao.

Now, the only reason I'm invested in this is from a purely theoretical game perspective, as I think this is a very different scenario from what I've encountered up to this point (and I've had my fair share of women).

What y'all think? How can a chick be 100% invested every time we meet up in person, but get 100% cold and ghost for days multiple times while texting?

Once again, before you say 'just soft next', 'she's crazy' and other stuff, I am not emotionally invested in this, but I find it super fun to meet a somewhat crazy chick that doesn't fit the normal game rules and I thought it would be interesting to discuss it.