I've been the most down to earth and nicest guy in the workplace and I was surprised to know that some people hated me even if they acted like they liked me. It was truly surprising. I mean why would anyone hate someone who is so down to earth and humble? I am talking about workplace. I try not to offend anybody and yet got hated.

On the flip side, there were times I'd not give a crap about offending people, being a braggart and awfully honest to their fucking face too and even then people hated me and I can understand that. Some people loved me too.

This kind of makes me think that no matter what the fuck we do, good or bad there are gonna be some people who hate us. Why is this? It's not even jealousy. There were times I never even talked about myself to be jealous.

Do we think we men try to make friends with everyone without vetting them properly and perhaps, we should be friends with just our tribe. By tribe, I mean people who share something with us and we must reject others. The reason why I think is people who hated me always had too much of a culture difference from me. Is there any escape from this hate?