So basically i known this girl for 2 months from my workplace i wasnt very close to her and got some compliments from her and i stayed indifferent on purpose and acted with a strong frame around her everyone has tried to make a move on her except me.Two weeks ago we went out to party with our group i didnt talk directly to her there had fun with other people and suddenly she came near to me to talk.As we were conversing she suddenly said that she wants to be fucked (she was very drunk ) i said the bartender is ready for you then she said i wanna f a doctor(we are interns btw)i just laughed and didnt do anything.Later that night she become very sick and her friends took her to emergency i called them in the morning to she if they were ok.

After that week i had to take few days of because i was sick and she texted me to see if i was i ok and we dont text at all.As i saw those behaviours from her i started to flirt her jokingly one day and she started to be a bit distant to me i broke my frame i guess but she invited to me to her birthday party with the group and its 2 days later from now.And she is touchy too but mostly friendly. So my question is how can i make sure that she has interest and take it to next level during that day.Or is it jus all a game that she plays.

UPDATE:At the party she was very distant and cold in the begining didnt even talk at all She didnt directly call me or anything her friend did to see if i arrived or not.She started to behave normal to me at the end.I stayed cold to her aswell but got warmer as she started to talk to me.Everyone smashed cakes to each others face she smashed mine and i smashed hers.It was a nice and fun night i enjoyed being there but nothing happened she was very neutral.I guess she understood that her behaviour made me think that she was interested in me.

This one means a NEXT for me.I'llStay as just work friends and date other women.Thank you for your advices everyone