So i asked out my crush at uni yesterday to get a drink sometime(in real life), and she said sure, and i got her contact. She always asks me questions about my fam and where im from(we are from different countries) and other personal details so i guess the interest is there. I saw her again and asked her through text later what she was doing on saturday, and she sent me a voice msg saying that since "she is flying to her rents on tuesday , she wants to socially distance because of them, but maybe after christmas?" i msged her and said to hmu when she's back and she said "sure! :) have fun in ... too :)"

What do you guys think? I know i am overthinking and shouldn't care, but what i want is your opinion what you think her intentions are, or if she is letting me down politely. as far as reasons go, it is a fair one to be honest, but i'm not sure. sounds a bit flakey, we are both early 20s

thx in advance