I will be short.

Last week i had a 19yo tinder match 2 hours away by car( i'm 24 btw ), and after changing a few lines, i told her i will come to her to meet for some drinks.

We met, the niagara falls flooded her panties when she saw me and started being very agitated and shit, trying to get closer to me and all that, suddenly liking everything i liked and you know the drill.

Got her a few beers ( i don't drink, and i was driving ) and told her to come to my place ( you should've seen her fkin face light up when i said that ). I will not get into details, but we only slept 4 hours that night.

She was complaining about not finding a job and blahblah, and i offered to help her with her resume if she needed. The reason being that i saw how useless she is, no experience, no drive, no nothing and i thought " I remember when i was also struggling to find a job in my 1st year of college, and a resume will take me only 30 minutes."

In my perspective i am being a good man, because i just do that when i have time and it's not a big deal.

But on the other hand, i don't want to hamster myself into this and deep down to be a nice guy.

So as stupid as it is, i am asking for validation from you.