Controlling a man through sex has been the plate du jour for modern women. Before the sexual revolution, women didn't divorce men for cheating because they needed a provider. Brothels have long been a mainstay of society and affairs are as old as marriage. So if a woman with-held sex from a man, he could get it elsewhere. Even a short, fat bald guy could go down to the local tavern and have sex with a nice looking young whore. Very wealthy men had mistresses.

Well, fast forward to today and women no longer need providers. So if a man cheats, she can divorce him and leave. And they do. But why? Wouldn't it be easier to lose weight and put out more? Maybe go to counseling? I'll tell you why: because they have lost control of the man at that point. With-holding sex for compliance is no longer an option. She didn't get married because she loved and wanted a man. She did it because she wanted a slave.

Men are slowly figuring this out. The sexual revolution and birth control combined with equal opportunity and no-fault divorce gave women a whole new deal. They could cheat without getting pregnant, be sluts, optimize hypergamy, dual mating strategies, divorce rape, etc. Most of what we see on reddit in this sub and a few others is all related to this. It's a bad deal for men. It's the 1950s version for men and the 2020s version for women.

Rollo probably had no idea how ingenious it was to tell men to never commit to women. More specifically, he means never being sexually exclusive. If a woman really loved you then she would rather share you than lose you. She wouldn't try to use sex to make you a slave. She wouldn't care at all if you cheat. She'd be worried how she can make sex with her so fulfilling you wouldn't want other women.

So when women ask where are all the good men, what they really mean is where are all the good slaves. The ones with lots of resources and can be controlled through sex. That's what they're really asking. When you see a profile with a list of demands, think of it as an advertisement for a particular type of slave.

Good women get wifed up easily and keep their men. Even a formerly blue pilled guy like myself was happy and successful in a marriage with a traditional woman. When my wife found out I cheated she said it's OK and started working on her body and sex performance. When she's unavailable for sex for whatever reason she knows I'll get it somewhere else. It's not a big problem because she isn't using sex to control me. It's not worth divorcing a devoted, loving husband and the father of her sons over sex. She gets all the hot wild sex she wants plus a good man. She'll never be asking WAATGM. Neither will Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, Meghan Markle, Jaque Kennedy, etc.

TLDR: WAATGM women want a slave they can control through sex but can't find any takers.