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- Hide Preview | 244 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by redpillschool [Post Locked]

For some reason, there's a contingency of insufferable, condescending cunts who decide to come here and babble about "hierarchies" and other JP related horseshit.

They come here and spew either word salad or pretentious diatribes about how we could finally understand how right they naturally are if we just opened up to longer sentences that say nothing. The key markers are as follows:

  • Focus on incoherent vocabulary rather than a cogent thesis.
  • The more nebulous, abstract or ethereal the idea the better.
  • Does not in any way address TRP theories, even the ones it seeks to contradict.
  • Usually goes on and on about the abstractly discrete hierarchies and their rules.

I have absolutely no idea how these people manage to spit out so many words that say nothing. But the condescension and total meaninglessness of their drivel is the reason I'm banning it altogether.

If your idea has merit, you can present it with respect, and without condescension. Further, you can do so without including a detailed video of you literally sucking JP's dick while doing so.

We will remain a forum about sexual selection and we will continue to treat it as a free market of ideas. But this troll does not have a home here.

If you break this rule. Instaban. No Warnings.