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- Hide Preview | 110 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by oxpea54 [Post Locked]

Women are corrupt creatures who are attracted to what they can’t have. I’ve been in a one year relationship with an Asian girl who originally worshipped me until I moved to her country to live with her.

By moving to her country and settling down there, I gave her the power. She felt secure. I was no longer mysterious or attractive to her and she no longer needed validation from me. Thus she started disrespecting me.

After a long battle of trying to get her to respect me, I finally swallowed the red pill and realised it was never going to happen in this situation. I recently decided I’ve had enough of her shit so I’m going to go back home.

Well shit son. Since I told her, everything’s changed. She cuddles me tight at night. She wants my attention all the time. She lets me have sex with her whenever I want. She sucks my dick in the morning. She doesn’t complain much. She makes time for me. She worries I’m going to find another girl and has become clingy/insecure.

It’s incredible how a woman’s behaviour can change over night just by being indifferent; Just by moving your pawn on the chessboard and changing the game.

Of course this is annoying as fuck for a rational, logical man because it’s a double edged sword. We know it shouldn’t have to be this way: why should we have to go backwards in order to go forwards — in order to keep a woman’s interest? It’s fucked up, but women are fucked up, so it’s the only way.

Women do not love you. They will not love you for what you do for them. Don’t believe anything they say. They only know attraction and their attraction is dependent on mystery.

I’m not sure if me and my LTR will break up now, perhaps we will as we won’t be able to spend time with each other anymore, but at least I have my power back and that’s a much better feeling than constantly stepping on eggshells/begging for respect just for a sex fix now and then.

Women are attracted to mystery, withdrawal and indifference. I tried denying this fact and I got stung, but now I’ve taken back my power. Don’t make the same mistake. Do not move for a woman no matter tempting it is and no matter what they say to you — In the long run they will completely neglect you.