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Location: London
Expertise: Tourism
Age: 21
Max Bench: 250lbsx1
Max Squat: 300lbsx1

"Get Rich or Die Trying"
Age: 21 | Location: London | Tourism
nonstopas about a week ago

@redhead what about weight lifting, or during HIIT sessions you do not build any muscle and it's more like cardio?

redhead about a week ago

@nonstopas yeah 10 sets of 30 second on 30 second off sprints is a classic HIIT go-to. Do that 3 times a week and cut fat in your diet and you'll see results.

nonstopas about a week ago

Has anyone tried an HIIT conditioning program? I've been working mostly by Bro Splits and 3-6day PPL programs but i have 2 months to cut off excess fat from my bulk, im figuring if HIIT is the way to go or just stick with PPL and eat less + add cardio

nonstopas about a month ago

Does anyone know if @BachelorPrime still does podcasts? I really enjoyed the things he did on the forums

jwayne 3 months ago

@nonstopas If you're a fan of Rollo, he has over a 100hrs on Youtube now between RedManGroup podcasts and his own channel.

dustup 3 months ago
StrikePrice 3 months ago

@nonstopas I love this series about Kai Green. Not RP specifically, but still worth the watch.

nonstopas 3 months ago

Anyone would like to share their favorite YT videos on redpill, psychology, philosophy that could be applicable for TRP framework? Wether it's 2 minutes or 2 hours, i'd rather listen to something beneficial than bullshit media.

nonstopas 4 months ago

@StrikePrice i first learned of this after reading The Game. I used it a few times and once a chick who was into psychology got absolutely turned on. The next few times were sucessful but not as much. Ir is a fun game to play, but i keep forgetting about it most of the time

BadBoyProgrammer 4 months ago

@nonstopas Water and Sand. You think there is enough of both on the planet? You are wrong.

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How To Exude Sexual Magnetism

I've done several streaks of 1-3 months, sometimes i just take a week or two off.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 days ago by Nonstopas
You will never be ready.

Approach early, build up confidence and you will stop caring about rejection, and then keep working on yourself, still approaching at some point you will get more success

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On Mastering Yourself

I guess im stuck in between the mental jerk-off and doing something. Re-wiring your brain and ego takes a lot of time, and you litteraly have to beat yourself first, before you can continue, and this is something i've been trying to do. Also the fact that im still young and not sure what the actual right path is, is what makes TRP difficult for me to understand in the long term.

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The Death of "Online Game!" The End of social media

He probably deactivated it rather than deleting it, it's pretty much the same, yet if you have an offer you can come back sell it without people knowing.

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How To Pull A Girl From A Club

I've seen ultimate bb's get multiple kisses or a lay or two in clubs at the same time i also saw chads not approach and get nothing. Been on both ends of the spectrum. There is only one rule i could think of that comes in to play no matter what:

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by Nonstopas
Accepting TRP Will Make You Unhappy: Your Choice if That's Permanent

The more you start reading the more complicated it gets. One day you get posts saying that working on yourself/your business etc is the main goal, and after that comes pussy, other posts, like this says that getting pussy is the main goal and after that comes everything else.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 7 months ago by Nonstopas

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