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Location: London
Expertise: Tourism
Age: 21
Max Bench: 250lbsx1
Max Squat: 300lbsx1

"Get Rich or Die Trying"
Age: 21 | Location: London | Tourism
jwayne 3 weeks ago

@nonstopas If you're a fan of Rollo, he has over a 100hrs on Youtube now between RedManGroup podcasts and his own channel.

dustup 3 weeks ago
StrikePrice 3 weeks ago

@nonstopas I love this series about Kai Green. Not RP specifically, but still worth the watch.

nonstopas 3 weeks ago

Anyone would like to share their favorite YT videos on redpill, psychology, philosophy that could be applicable for TRP framework? Wether it's 2 minutes or 2 hours, i'd rather listen to something beneficial than bullshit media.

nonstopas about a month ago

@StrikePrice i first learned of this after reading The Game. I used it a few times and once a chick who was into psychology got absolutely turned on. The next few times were sucessful but not as much. Ir is a fun game to play, but i keep forgetting about it most of the time

BadBoyProgrammer about a month ago

@nonstopas Water and Sand. You think there is enough of both on the planet? You are wrong.

StrikePrice about a month ago

@nonstopas look into Bettement. Max your 401k every year. Stay out of debt. Only invest in index funds, don’t pick stocks.

nonstopas about a month ago

@Doctordinglefuck Thanks, ill read that book, since i have 0 clue about stocks or investing, but its something i've been thinking about for the long term, as for sure i do not want to do the same job i am doing now, which is even worse than a 9-5, (waiter/bartender)

Doctordinglefuck about a month ago

@nonstopas my buddy makes more from stocks than from selling dope. Pick em wisely. Here you go. If you want to make money, youve got to be specific as to how much you want. Think and grow rich is the best book. So that's your first investment. I grew $3k to $30k in 1.5years off that book.

nonstopas about a month ago

Im 21, final year of uni. My degree is pretty much bullshit (Tourism Management) however i trought the years and after some saving i manage to put away 2-3k of extra cash. Is investing in stocks something i should think about? What would be the smartest way to put this money to a good use?

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The Death of "Online Game!" The End of social media

He probably deactivated it rather than deleting it, it's pretty much the same, yet if you have an offer you can come back sell it without people knowing.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by Nonstopas
How To Pull A Girl From A Club

I've seen ultimate bb's get multiple kisses or a lay or two in clubs at the same time i also saw chads not approach and get nothing. Been on both ends of the spectrum. There is only one rule i could think of that comes in to play no matter what:

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by Nonstopas
Let Go

There are points where i wish i didn't discover this web the way i did. I mean at a point when you're in your late teens - early twenties, and you read these posts and articles, you think that you are better than those blue-pilled men that we all make fun of. But in reality, you are not doing any approaches, you are not spinning plates. You are just reading and reading and constantly...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 months ago by Nonstopas
To everyone here, sex is great, but PLEASE have standards. I hope none of these men were you.

basically when youre fucking the girl just read the sidebar, that will help

Context | Full Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Nonstopas
TRP showed me the light but robbed me of my happiness. I can't help but feel disgusted by the world.

Every man must have a mission, something he breathes trough, something that makes him wake up in the morning.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by Nonstopas
Conquering the voices in your brain and achieving whatever you want in your life.

Number one thing that is limiting you is the voice inside your head. Conquering it is hard, but once you do it, a happy, clear mindset will help you to become anything you want, of course apart from the things you can't change.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Nonstopas

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