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alpha fux beta buxxx

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redhead 14 hours ago

If you want to get rich in the future, you better believe that toxic masculinity is dying out, and genyuine masculinity is going to flood the West, and soon. The 3rd world countries in the East will go through the feminism bullshit, and WWE will prosper again. Always be 3 steps ahead.

BadBoyProgrammer about a day ago

@redhead Bad memories, many valuable lessons. Anyway. The whole world is screwed. Woman are the least of our problems. We are facing exctinction level events in near future. Nobody cares.

redhead about a day ago

@BadBoyProgrammer ahh, good memories? Basically different symptoms of the same disease in the West

BadBoyProgrammer about a day ago

@redhead Things can be much much worse. Mine put me into a "facility" where I was being locked up and drugged. Escaped and kicked her into hospital. Spend 6 years of my youth fighting.

redhead about a day ago

@BadBoyProgrammer I was reminiscing. I don't live with my family any more.

BadBoyProgrammer about a day ago

@redhead Freedom comes when you turn 18. Don't spend any money. You will need it.

redhead about a day ago

I'll never forget the time when my mom searched thru my room, yelled at me for having creatine and protein and told me it was making me look like a "freak" after I put on some beginner gains. What a joke. T minus 13 months before the bubble pops .

redhead 3 days ago

Just read the misandry bubble again after 2 years. Fucking hell... only 13 months left before the pendulum swings

BadBoyProgrammer 4 days ago

@redhead I love chocolate milk. -shows biceps- Makes me strong.

redhead 4 days ago

chocolate and milk makes you soft

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