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TheViolat0r about an hour ago

@redhead Trial&Error to see what works, makes sense. I'll see if I can make any keto gains. I struggle with my appetite. Squats, Deadlifts, OHPS, Benches and supplemental workouts to build my back and shoulders, and of course, IMPORTANT TO NOT FORGET THE CORE. But I do hate the bloated feeling I get from carbs

redhead 5 hours ago

@TheViolat0r there is so much bullshit on the internet in terms of diet and programs. I'll share my personal advice which is trial and error. Balance lifting heavy with lifting light for reps. Balance high intensity sprints with slow long jogs/swims. Eat a lot of EVERYTHING, only cut out foods that you know make you perform badly.

TheViolat0r 8 hours ago

@redhead speaking of which, I need to put an actual routine together and a meal plan, cause I'm sick of lifting just "to get strong". I need to set lifting goals and write this shit down. Thanks Redhead. But on a carb heavy diet, do you find your muscles to be "bloated" or just feel bloated in general? Curious.

redhead 16 hours ago

hOw dO I LifT hEavY?

redhead about a week ago

rub and tugs are so easy... you have to hunt instead of hitting up the store and getting that fatty burger...

tb87670 about a week ago

@redhead This is why leftist NPC's react to "woke" men/women with such hatred, they can't make you think, do, or feel how they want you to. The puppeteers fear lack of total control. Leftist social engineering is to the point that a vape shop employee shouted and slapped at a guy over a Trump shirt, programmed to go into fight or flight.

redhead 2 weeks ago

my favorite part of TRP is realizing nobody can make you think anything, do anything, feel anything, or change anything. You have the ability to be open to or closed off from that happens in the world around you.

redpillschool 2 weeks ago

@redhead I don't think it's "Bro" science. Check out Dr Fung. He's got a lot of well researched info on insulin resistance, the recent obesity epidemic, keto and fasting.

redpillschool 2 weeks ago

@redhead High carb is a great way to get yourself insulin resistance and "bulk up" in the wrong way.

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