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Expertise: sports
Max Bench: 2 strippers
Max Squat: at least 4

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alpha fux beta buxxx

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redhead 2 weeks ago

does anybody remember a recent post on the main sub about the opposite of attraction and neediness. I cant remember that much but I saved it and it doesn't show up on my saved tab and I cannot find it on the sub...

tb87670 3 weeks ago

@redhead You see that JRE where that Adam Conover was pulling mental gymnastics to say there are no alphas and betas? Joe said women are attracted to athletic confident men and that pussy said he didn't think so. I laughed at first until the end of that video, he's sadly hiding his cognitive dissonance with fluff-words.

redhead 3 weeks ago

lot of smart guys on here. we are getting close to the point where all men are realizing that masculinity is, and has been, under attack for a long time. Masculinity. Its threatening to those who do not understand it and embrace it. It makes people feel weak, and that is a result of selfishness and poor leadership. time to embrace it men

TheViolat0r about a month ago

@redhead a stranger, quietly, but desperately, calling out for help whilst trying to get their life back together. Actions...say more than words. I do a lot of walking. Meet a lot of ppl. Outside of your jobs, your gyms, your phones, your clubs, your bars, your's just he HumbleSavage in me that's curious.

redhead about a month ago

can't wait to run into some of you fucks at the beach this summer, destroy you in beach football, and steal your girls.

Noblefiz about a month ago

@redhead interesting take. So would you agree with this statement? - that's it's a false notion that the degree to which hypergamy expresses itself is different in each woman

redhead about a month ago

@Noblefiz no. a woman is a child and a child does not consciously suppress their instincts. Someone told me women are dumb and predictable, I think they're very smart (because they have a biological sexual strategy that men don't) but still very predictable.

redhead about a month ago

@crypton808 you can't believe it? oh I'm sorry. your sense of reality is fucked

redhead about a month ago
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